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Lil dicky melissa marie dating


We as humans must find out what is our purpose for existence, what is it that makes us fulfilled and glad to be alive. Almost certainly, ingrained in the subconsciousness of every human being is that there are one, maybe two or three special gifts that will most definitely make a name for you if harnessed it to its full capabilities.

Some could be the inherent drive to be competitive in sports, others a beautiful voice that can settle the raging waters of life and others are born to be on the big screen, capturing our imaginations every single time. Melissa Soria surely belongs to the latter. Lil dicky melissa marie dating

They grace our runways, magazine covers. From billboards to internet ads and so on, many of these gorgeous creatures have made us interested just because they flashed that smile. One quality ladies and indeed models relish is the ability to look younger than their age. Perhaps because of her mixed ancestry, Melissa Soria effortlessly looks younger than her age.

Melissa Soria: personal life and...

Besides her obvious good genes, Melissa is a sucker for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. She often talks about how it is absolutely impossible to remain at the top of the modeling food chain with careless eating habits. She grew up in Stockton, California as the elder of her two siblings. She is as of yet not released any sort of details about her parents, their names, occupations and all of that.

More recently though, she is said to be the mother of a son named Rayyan but any sort of reference as to who the father might be is unknown. Lil dicky melissa marie dating Life and Education: Soria has kept a whole lot of her early childhood memories and family history a secret and away from the press. Graduating from High School in she later moved on to a local college to study Sports Nutrition.

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During her days in College, she supported herself doing jobs as a receptionist and a bartender as well. It had been a dream of hers to push forward into the modeling industry and in the long run, it has proved to be quite the right decision in the end.

Melissa Soria is also known as Melissa Marie. Melissa Soria is of the Hispanic race with a multiracial ethnical background. She has also graced the pages of several other high profile magazines in the same year.

She is a top model Lil dicky melissa marie dating a number of great gigs going for her, so it is safe to assume that her net worth would be in the millions even though she has yet to reveal her earnings or salaries.

Just a glance at Melissa Soria will convince you she has been blessed with awesome genes. She is one of the most attractive women in the modelling industry at the moment.

Melissa Soria: Early life, career,...

Her body statistics are Her height is estimated at 5 feet 2 inches and she weighs in at about 98 lbs. She has a very attractive slim figure with her hair being dark brown and her eyes as well.