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One year of dating anniversary


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A question in the forums today got me thinking about dating anniversaries. Deciding on a dating anniversary is easy if you meet on a blind date and then date consistently from then on. Do you celebrate an anniversary? And if so, how do you decide on a date? Simba August 25, We were friends for a long time and then got back in touch.

We picked an anniversary when we had a few options. We could have gone with our first day hanging out again, the first kiss, and when we decided to be official. Its the date of our 1st date. So every year we say. SasLinna August 25, Maybe we should just start celebrating that?

K August 25,3: Snoopy August 25,6: SasLinna August 26,1: Jennylou August 25, We met online, so we celebrate the date we met in person for the first time. Nicolette August 25, My husband and I like to acknowledge our dating anniversary — though we have different dates in mind! Our we met anniversary is pretty much the night we also slept together the first time oopsso we just eat take out and have some good sex on that day and laugh about how awkward and amazing that first day was.

It helps that we met One year of dating anniversary last day of a spring semester so it helps us to remember what the date actually is. The wedding anniversary is important for obvious reasons, but I love celebrating the smaller, older One year of dating anniversary because it reminds me of a time we were much much younger and had no idea of what was to come.

Moneypenny August 25,1: I like the idea of a dating anniversary! I say it could be whatever you want- first kiss, first date, etc. Ika August 25,1: We have the anniversary of our 1st date kiss really, since it was after midnightanniversary of moving in together, and wedding anniversary.

So, sappy story time. We had been casually hanging out, with a couple of official dates dances. But neither one of us had the guts to actually talk to each other and ask about our status.

But we were always together. Finally, one day we were hanging out on the couches in our Debate lounge, and one of my friends walked in. She asked in an exasperated voice if we were official yet. Ale August 25,1: I remember the date that we had One year of dating anniversary first kiss, but our first anniversary was August 23rd, the day we decided to be girlfriend and boyfriend.

HmC August 25,1: I think it is always nice just to take an excuse to break up your life routine a bit to appreciate your SO, so dating anniversaries can be sweet. We always reflect back on our first date, "One year of dating anniversary" our early time together, on that day.

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Skyblossom August 25,1: It would have been hard for us to pick one. It was about six months later when we spent some time talking that I actually noticed him. We started seeing each other all of the time and never had an official talk about whether we were boyfriend and girlfriend, we just were. Firestar August 25,2: TMC August 25,2: We met on the biggest bar night of the year night before Thanksgiving so we use that as an excuse to get One year of dating anniversary nowadays!

Portia August 25,2: Our dating anniversary is of the first night we kissed.

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As romantically as possible I removed the screen on my window and he climbed in, then we made out. Ah, teenagers… First kiss felt like more of a turning point to a relationship One year of dating anniversary other firsts.

In terms of celebrating, we mostly go out to a nice dinner. One year we went on an anniversary trip. But no cards or gifts. Excuse me, I just died of jealousy.

Miel August 25,2: We do celebrate our dating anniversary, and the date is the first day we kissed.

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