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The Administration, fearful of the...

The Contras were the various U. Invirtually all contra organizations were united, at least nominally, into the Nicaraguan Resistance. During their war against the Nicaraguan government, the Contras committed a large number of human rights violations and used terrorist tactics, [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] carrying out more than terrorist attacks. Supporters of the Contras tried to downplay these violations, particularly the Reagan administration in the US, which engaged in a campaign of white propaganda to alter public opinion in favor of the contras, [7] while covertly encouraging the Contras to attack civilian targets.

From an early stage, the rebels received financial and military support from the United States governmentand their military significance decisively depended on it. After US support was banned by Congressthe Reagan administration covertly continued it. These illegal activities culminated in the Iran—Contra affair. The Contras were not a monolithic group, but a combination of three distinct elements of Nicaraguan society: A third force, Misurasata, appeared among the MiskitoSumo and Rama Amerindian peoples of Nicaragua's Atlantic coast, who in December found themselves in conflict with the authorities following the government's efforts to nationalize Indian land.

In the course of this conflict, forced removal of at least 10, Indians to relocation centers in the interior of the country and subsequent burning of some villages took place. On 8 December a ceasefire agreement Caue contra latino dating as the Bogota Accord was signed by Misurasata and the Nicaraguan government. In front of the International Court of JusticeNicaragua claimed that the contras were altogether a creation of the U.

The US government viewed the leftist Sandinistas as a threat to economic interests of American corporations in Nicaragua Caue contra latino dating to national security. The effort to support the contras was one component of the Reagan Doctrinewhich called for providing military support Caue contra latino dating movements opposing Soviet-supportedcommunist governments. By Decemberhowever, the United States had already begun Caue contra latino dating support armed opponents of the Sandinista government.

From the beginning, the CIA was in charge. In the fiscal yearthe U.

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