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Nakamura kanzaburo matsumoto jun dating


Emblematic of this is Cocoon Kabuki, its unique series begun in under the then Artistic Director Kazuyoshi Kushida.

From then on, he was a driving force behind the entire Cocoon Kabuki project. Instead, Kanzaburo and Kushida little by little applied contemporary staging methods, reading the material closely and introducing innovative direction.

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Acutely aware of this question, Kanzaburo and Kushida started with little experiments, monitoring the response as they went. My mother would keep me home from school on weekday afternoons. That was back when the grandfathers of the actors in this show were active. But for some reason, I became an actor performing the likes of Shakespeare and Chekhov, so to be able to do kabuki at this age is like a dream.

Having spent so long in Europe, Oida brings to Cocoon Kabuki a wealth of experience of both Western and Japanese acting styles.

But the actors here now have to find a way to create a role from both the outside and the inside. After all, some actors can look amazing, yet their acting is neither interesting nor funny.


Cocoon Kabuki has always aimed to do just that: To create a living theater on par with contemporary drama — to meld the outside form and the inside emotion. Those familiar with both Japan and the West are keeping a sharp eye on how that ongoing experiment proceeds.

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