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Dating anheuser busch amber beer bottles


As with wine and champagne bottles, beer and ale were bottled in a relatively limited array of bottle shapes.

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Beer and ale, being carbonated known as "pressure ware" in the bottle making industrypretty much had to be contained in cylindrical heavy glass bottles since such a shape is inherently stronger than other shapes - all other things being equal, e. Beer bottles were of thick glass also since they had to be able to survive extensive post-bottling handling and use since these bottles were typically re-used many times, as evidenced by extensive base and side wear to many examples.

Other colors - including cobalt blue - are unusual but occasionally seen. All four "Dating anheuser busch amber beer bottles" these very similar products are lumped together and referred to simply as "beer" in this section.

Beer brewing began in the U. However, using bottles to contain beer was uncommon during that time as beer was dispensed from kegs in taverns and inns Dating anheuser busch amber beer bottles bottles were relatively rare and expensive. The types of bottles used for bottling beer in the earliest days would have been the common heavy glass black glass utilitarian bottles of the era which were used for various liquid products. However, until the early s the lighter lager beers were a relatively unusual bottled product nationwide.

When bottled it was mostly for local distribution due to the issue of spoilage, though the heavier beers porter, ale, stout did preserve better than lager due to higher alcohol and hopping levels, both of which acted as preservatives Wilson ; Papazian Early pres dedicated beer bottles i.

With the prevalence of bottle re-use common, the same bottle could easily have held both products during its useable lifetime. In the early s, the process of pasteurization was applied to beer bottling allowing the increasingly popular lighter in color and body lager beers to be bottled and transported long distances without spoilage - something impossible before that time Wilson Pasteurization in hand with the invention of improved closures like the Lightning stopper and later the crown cap which both replaced the less reliable wired down corkmore accommodating laws related to brewing, improved transportation systems, and Dating anheuser busch amber beer bottles growing taste of Americans for lager beers, allowed bottled beer to become big business throughout the country.

Nationally distributed beers, led by the innovative Anheuser-Busch Companybegan to make their way across the country by or Anderson ; Wilson The ability to pasteurize and ship beer long distances diminished the importance of local breweries with its reliance on kegs and draught beer.

Anheuser-Busch extends shelf life, drops...

This was so innovative that the Anheuser-Busch beer bottles shipped to the West proudly proclaimed on their labels that their beer would "Keep In Any Climate.

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