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When to stop dating someone


As a writer and podcast co-host, Michelle expresses her views on relationships, marriage, divorce, dating, parenting, and step-parenting. Well, like most people, they get lonely. They desperately want to be part of a couple. They want to be loved. These are all valid and understandable reasons for wanting to find a partner. But what about the reasons why you shouldn't be dating? There are just as many good reasons to stay away from the dating scene as there are for finding "the one. If you've been When to stop dating someone the dating scene for quite some time and still can't find someone compatible with you, then it may be time When to stop dating someone put the brakes on and just stop.

And this is not just about you. This is about all the potential boyfriends and girlfriends out there who are daydreaming of love. If you're not ready to be a partner, then spare them the agony of unwanted drama. If you've put time and effort into a person, gone out with them several times, had "sleepovers," changed your relationship status on Facebook, they've met your family - and you've done this at least 3 times in the last year - a dating "time-out" may be in order.

1. You've Had at Least...

Not only must you be truly exhausted, but perhaps you're in rebound overdrive. This occurs when you break up with someone, or get dumped and you immediately bounce to a new person to avoid the depression you were starting to slip into.

Then you repeat this routine with different people over and over again each time. It's not cute, and borders on manic - so stop. Until you actually figure out what went wrong in your previous relationships to some degree - or get to the point where you've learned something - stay home with Netflix or go out with your friends. Flying by the seat of your pants may not be working anymore.

Serial dating can be exciting and keep you busy, but if you're looking for long-term love, you'll need to slow down.

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