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Dating scene wilmington nc


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I enjoyed my trips, and...

I have so many questions about NC step inside. Mar 27, 1. Hey how is the dating scene in the state of North Carolina? I talk to a guy he said it is a lot of killing down there so what is yall take on that Anyway are their any eligible Dating scene wilmington nc down there? People that moved from other state and city how do you like it down there in North Carolina?

How is black business down there? I am really considering moving down there. I know I have so many questions but I want to relocate down there. I am just afraid I might get down there and be bored to tears. Mar 27, 2. Mar 27, 3. Where are you thinking about moving?

There are so many different cities here and every one brings something different IMO. It can be boring but I've been bored living in Philly so Also crime is dependant upon where you live.

Some larger cities like Durham, Fayetteville and Charlotte have more crimes. I know that quite a few black owned businesses flourish in Raleigh and Charlotte. The dating scene is like everywhere else, you meet some good guys and you meet some jerks. You can go out three nights a week with three different guys. Depending on how old you are and where you live there are plenty of colleges and universities so you can hit up their events. If you live in Atlanta, Charlotte is a 3 hour ride. You can drive up and visit before committing.

Or visit Raleigh, that's a six hour drive. Dating scene wilmington nc