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Sexual harassment i need a freak release date


From Cleveland, Ohio, Sexual Harrassment were full of raw sexual energy and were one of the pioneers of the cult electro-punk-funk movement. X, Jimmy Edgar, G. I always thought that you had to be in a group or a band to make it — probably because of the fear of failure. InLynn began forming ideas for his next group. Sexual harassment i need a freak release date you know, great musicians generally do more than is necessary, so I said to the keyboard player, just give me a thrusting bottom key note, over and over.

I gave the drum musician a tempo and we worked on the track together, with him doing most of the programming of it. They went by the name collectively, Christopher Arthur. Then I laid my vocals down over the basic drum track and over-dubbed several more voices in different pitch ranges. It took a life of its own, and you know, the rest is history. I paid a guy to make sure they all got to practice and told them: I used other announcers that worked at the radio station with me to add vocals, and a few other women.

It was on a label called Ransom that was based out of California. My intentions were to have enough people so that when the dust settled, I would have enough people to have a group left that could perform.

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I learned as a youngster, sex sells! The things that are rated the worst — violence, horror and sex — are the things people want to see or hear about.

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Richard Simmons was one of the popular ones then, so it was like a parody on getting into shape, with of course a sex slant. I had no input, but it was a great concept. Although Tolliver was the lead vocalist on the recordings, when it came to live shows his vocal parts were sung by drummer Dale Jackson. It was a concept that would have been a phenomenon, but you have to have willing participants. But the music, as they say, lives on. Their tracks are honest and most Sexual harassment i need a freak release date all fun.

You can check out all four tracks from the Citinite covers EP and read about the artists involved in the next post.

Sorry, I just wrote down the names that were given to me by Lynn. Tony, I have to agree with Lynn. I was an actual member of the band and I have no idea who you are.

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