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Pg pro dating site


PG Dating Pro is a flexible community builder for niche dating and social dating sites. This professional, easy-to-manage dating site script can match any business idea.

Many great features to empower a developer to build a dating business website. You need to be a developer to get the most out of this application and build a unique dating service. I don't only mean being a blogger who knows how to install a WP from cPanel with a few SEO plugins, I mean a real developer with HTML and CSS skills with a basic understanding of conditional statements and PHP because if you want to control the output of information on your site you need to learn their template system which uses an implementation of the code igniter library.

There is very little documentation for developers so you are on your own there and that is the main reason I won't give them 5 stars. I am happy with PG Dating Pro, and it does what it does Pg pro dating site well, but the lack of documentation for developers about their templating system or creating widgets has left me spending more time than I was hoping to construct the basic website layout to make it look different from Pg pro dating site default template.

I should say here that their support staff were able Pg pro dating site explain to me how to successfully implement my custom template views and described it very well but I am a web developer of over 18 years.

The platform seems to be stable, and I have been able to get my site running with members registering on mobile and desktop devices and the SEO capabilities Pg pro dating site in are quite good. This software is for a business developer, and I do not recommend it to an everyday blogger who is only looking for another niche because you will need to invest a lot of time into development and customization to make a truly unique dating service.

If you want to start a dating business and have the time and money to invest, then this is a good option. Geoff, thank you for taking the time to leave your review!

It is true that we lack the technical documentation, and we hope to fix it by expanding the developers manual. I liked the idea that it had won industry software awards and a white label option but not living up to expectations.

Not at all easy to use - quite archaic. After several upgrades, add ons and change of template I have nothing like a working site that I am happy to advertise as it is still FULL of glitches from eye end, let alone the user end. When the developers are involved, you don't get confirmation of a solution. So unwieldy visually, I paid for "Pg pro dating site" Word press template upgrade - nothing like it.

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I get so frustrated that I keep having to send numerous emails to chase what hasn't been completed by the developers that I have to calm down before the next session.

Chon, thank you for sharing your experience with us. It's true that software solutions get outdated fast, and one needs to keep going to stay Pg pro dating site top of the latest trends. We try to do exactly that and thank you for your idea about the WordPress themes. Sorry about the delays with the communication, this is something we need to improve. Please contact us so we can agree on a communication schedule and have the issues resolved.

I thought the script was completed, but once I got into the site they have features which make zero sense for a dating website.

The site doesn't make sense as a dating website, its as if they just threw in features just to throw them in with no purpose. Thanks for your review.

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We are really sorry that it took quite a lot of time to implement all your customisation requests. We are doing our best to finish your project as soon as possible. Your project manager is in touch with you now. Hopefully, after your project is completed to mutual satisfaction, you'll be able to post a more favourable comment. In general, a convenient control panel from which you can manage the Pg pro dating site.

Always wonderful customer service. Constantly developing new functions and there is the possibility of ordering individual customizations. From time to time there were errors. The questions were promptly answered in the chat support.

The "Pg pro dating site" were solved. Andrew, thank you for taking the time to leave your review here. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you. It has many features on the website showing of it's detailed dating functions and categories you need to run a nice dating site. Looks can be deceiving, you first pay a certain amount to get it deployed, then later get charged hidden costs after your development has gone midway.

Worst still, we have started this project since Augustand till today Juneit has not even gone live. The developers will then come back to your with excessive customisation fees, and rarely responds. We have paid thousands, and yet the portal is not live!

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