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I worked a lot of dead-end jobs. The 9 to 5 world was never for me, I knew that. Thank god for the Internet.

Trannyshack is essentially a drag show, plain and simple. We also love old school drag too, so nothing is really off-limits. What do you love about being an MC? It would be more accurate to say that I enjoy it — being in the moment, the improvisational challenges.

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I never, ever plan or rehearse what I am going to say on stage, I just riff off of what is happening around me. Did I say that? I think you get my point — it exhausts me just to watch it.

By Michael Podell, 23 Nov...

The reason that Trannyshack is so visual is because I and this also includes any Trannyshack performer of note am far more interested in the theater of a performance, and how much of a story you can tell with a 4 minute song.

Probably Divine and Leigh Bowery. When you ended the weekly Trannyshack event, it was the longest running drag event in San Francisco. What inspired you to move on? It was just time. Twelve and a half years of walking out on that stage every week, I had nothing more to say there. Also The Stud felt a bit like a dying bar. The story is two busloads of drag queens invading a city where the alcohol and gambling never stop.

What is it Michael podell thought catalog dating drag that gives it that power? I think that the people most freaked out by it are men, straight or gay, because it threatens their masculinity.

Michael Podell; Seattle Municipal Archives....

But everything, if you look at it in Michael podell thought catalog dating abstract way, is drag. Every time I go downtown during the day and see all the people in business attire I think of it as drag. We the gays were far more interesting when we were the outcasts, not accepted by mainstream culture.

Trannyshack is famous for pushing the boundaries of drag — one example is the acceptance and promotion of faux queens. What is a faux queen, and why has it been such an uphill battle for faux queens to become mainstays of the drag scene?

By Michael Podell, January 30th...

A faux queen is a drag queen trapped in the body of a genetic female. A drag queen with a pussy. Do you think there is a place in mainstream pop culture for the Trannyshack variety of drag? If not, how come?

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As a matter of fact, I booked a ton of them to perform before they made it big on the show Alaksa, Raja, Willam, Detox, Jinkx, etc. I love when they get on the show and remain transgressive. Why do you think that is, and what do you have to say to those who the name offends? This is a very timely topic. I am "Michael podell thought catalog dating" politically correct, and I firmly believe that a word only has power based on the intent behind it.

So, I am in the process of coming up with a re-brand of the club, and somehow phasing out the word tranny from the title. But this is going to involve focus groups, a major press push, and I am going to need the full support of the trans community, and especially the Trannyshack audience.

Last year I tried to purchase a nightclub, but buying a bar is, as you might expect, very difficult and expensive in San Francisco. This is what I see for myself in the future, having my own venue and continuing to entertain.

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