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Laval and eris dating quotes


Characters from Legends of Chima. This is a new page and does not even have all the animal tribes listed yet. A lion exiled from Chima for so Laval and eris dating quotes unspecified reasons, he has survived in the Outlands for years prior to the events of the series.

Eventually, Laval and the others find him, and take shelter in his home. He wants to rule everything NOW! He controls his minions using his hypnotic sting or the force of his unpleasant personality! You need to login to do this.

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Get Known if you don't have an account. The closest thing to leaders for the animal tribes. The first to drink from the Chi pool and be evolved by it, they built their Lion Temple around the Sacred Pool and took it upon themselves to ensure a balanced distribution of Chi to all the animal tribes.

Tropes associated with the Lions Anime Hair: Their manes appear this way. As they were the first animals to taste the CHI water, they took on the responsibility of governing Chima, and of distributing the CHI. Panthera Awesome Laval Prince of the Lion tribe. Former best friends with Cragger, the Laval and eris dating quotes conflicts began when he unwittingly helped his buddy sample Chi power before he was ready, leading to the Crocodiles coming into open conflict with the Lions.

In episode 9, he truly understands the weight his prior actions have contributed to Chima's recent instability when he finds himself in a situation as desperate as Cragger's in episode 1. His primary weapon is a Laval and eris dating quotes. Despite his father and the Elder Council knowing that Laval had very good reasons to steal an orb of Golden Chi, Laval insists on exile for breaking one of the rules of his tribe.

His mother is never seen or mentioned. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! If he didn't "Laval and eris dating quotes" the croc chi in the gorge of Eternal depth, the Dark Tribes would never have been created.

Later, he gives an orb to the trapped Scorpion King, who ends up throwing it down a chasm and awakening something. Until the penultimate episode of season two, where he finally learned how to swim.

We Used to Be Friends: Was this with Laval and eris dating quotes until Episode 14, where Crooler runs out of Persuader Plants, Laval and eris dating quotes Cragger to go back to being good again, then Episode 16 had the Fog of Destiny completely corrupt Cragger until Episode Afterwards, they become friends again. Lagravis King of the Lions and Laval's father. Insists that Chi must be distributed evenly and fairly, even to hostile tribes.

Justified in that the environment gets a little Subverted later on with Laval's exile. He knows that Laval had a good reason to steal the Golden Chi orb it was the only way to get his friends away from the Fog of Destinyand was willing to bend the rules for him, and manages to convince him to temporarily get out of his exile to fend off the Crocs.

Lennox Longtooth Those Two Guys: Leonidas Those Two Guys: Lavertus A lion exiled from Chima for so far unspecified reasons, he has survived in the Outlands for years prior to the events of the series. Crominus used a Persuader Plant to get him to steal Chi so he'd be exiled. It's very clear that he's very Though it could be a guise. His color scheme and overall stance in the storyline are eerily similar to Scarwhile his quirky personality and Laval and eris dating quotes with technology make him very similar to Varrick.

Sacrifices himself to defeat the Dark Tribes at the end of season 2. He didn't reveal that Crominus tricked him because if he had the tribes would have gone to war, with his love Crunket being caught up in it.

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Li'ella A lioness who was raised by Tormak of the Tiger Tribe. Last of His Kind: Believed herself to be this until meeting Laval. Is planned to be in this with Laval. Living in the swamp, they are the Lions' greatest rivals. The tension between the two tribes escalates into open war after Cragger takes a Chi sample before he's ready.

Cragger Prince of the Crocodiles, elevated to king after his Laval and eris dating quotes presumed death. When he's on his Speedor.

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