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Hani and junsu dating reaction rate


I don't blame her. But I'm sure many idols take anxiety pills Hani and junsu dating reaction rate stressful situations, so this seems like an odd thing to make a headline about.

Well any news regarding Hani and Junsu gets a lot of hits so they'll keep making headlines for random things. Is this couple really that controversial though? I hardly see any hateful comments thrown at them well, atleast compared to some earlier dating reveals. Junsu is a big deal, especially with regards to his Saesang fans.

She was probably really nervous about the reaction. Also, although the translated comments seemed pretty positive, there are now a whole bunch of articles bringing back past things Hani have said and people being critical of her.

Korea is really strange about anxiety pills, people will refuse to hire you just because you take them. Which is really to sad to hear, because it could go a long way in bringing their suicide rates down if they took these problems more seriously. I'm just glad I live in a country that takes these problems seriously, it's really helped me out.

Unfortunately it's like this everywhere in Asia I think? I heard a second hand story about children with special needs in asian countries, it read that they're shunned in classrooms and there is no additional support given to them at all. They're Hani and junsu dating reaction rate seen as students who don't try hard enough. I'll withhold my opinions because it'll be a far longer post. I think they're frowned upon and looked at as "mistakes". Sad reality, they are probably not kept at a high rate, as well.

Never get to hear about them, though. Everything is sort of swept under the rug.

Well any news regarding Hani...

I know it's assuming a lot and we should see what she really said I hate that she's anxious, but saying that she took some medication under the special circumstances could be a good thing. Like it's not something she normally does, but recognized she was more stressed than usual and got help for it. Whatever, I'm just really sickened by the insane media pressure and violation of privacy that celebrities are subject to.

[Naver: Sports Dongah] Kim Junsu...

Not only in Kpop, but everywhere. Human brains are not wired to deal with this kind of hyper-attention and scrutiny. I wish we had a different social system to protect highly visible artists. Let's remember that Hani and junsu dating reaction rate Kpop artist sign contracts that have things that say things like they can't get into relationships or at least not ones that the company doesn't know about or agree upon.

I'm sure the first thing the company did was call her about it to find out if its true or not. As Kpop fans we can see how relationships can ruin groups or at least mess things up for a while. It may seem strange and trivial to us but that's Kpop life for you. A bit unrelated but why do idols even go on Radio Star?

In general, noise marketing is still marketing and it gets your name in the news. Why Hani someone already very popular decided to go after the dating scandal is questionable but she probably agreed to it before the news broke. I remember On Radio Star they either asked KARA a question they didn't feel comfortable answering or asked them to do something they weren't comfortable doing and many of the neitzens took that as KARA being "rude".

I remember the article saying that the ladies of "Hani and junsu dating reaction rate" were crying. I know that Radio Star is a popular show but that's just too extreme for me.

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