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One single jute thread is. In addition to such artistic impressions, the films also showed current research: Neben Impressionen boten die Filme auch aktuelle Forschung: Weiteres wichtiges Thema war der neue.

The tac ki n g thread i s m anufacture d o f viscose s t ap le fibres [ By letter dated 17 April the Commission received a detailed complaint from a law firm representing the. Mit Schreiben vom The devices will not be enabled - the motor functions.

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The intercultural substance or character of the individual modules also varied, i. Auch die interkulturelle Substanz bzw. One development which ran counter to the streamlining of the product range was the introduction of two new.

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Taking into account the fact that the product qualities of Lyocell are viewed as different by customers and considering also the significantly higher prices about twice as high for Lyocell and Tencel fibres as compared to no rm a l viscose f i br es, the Commission considers, for the purpose of Effektives dating gesprächsthemen case, the two Effektives dating gesprächsthemen markets to be sufficiently distinct to regard the competition impact as relatively limited.

A device for collecting wound exudate from an incisional wound the device comprising a pliable capillary tube 1 to be left inside a wound, the tube end to be placed in a wound being fitted with a sponge 2 intended for the attachment and growth of cells, characterized in that at least the end of capillary tube 1 to be left in the wound is provided with at least one.

Verfahren zur Herstellung von Viskoseprodukten, insbesondere von Viskosefasern und.

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European Economic Area, as well as in the markets for lyocell staple fibres Effektives dating gesprächsthemen technonoly, where the deal would have created a monopoly since Acordis and Lenzing are the only producers worldwide.

Capital expenditure for property plant and equipment came to EUR Die Investitionen in Sachanlagen betrugen in den ersten neun Monaten ,6 Mio. EUR und betrafen vor allem die.

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Many lens manufacturers follow the trend to designs which are as compact as possible and frequently make the fi lt e r thread d i am eters so small that, with a large image angle, that is with short wide-angle focal lengths, the marginal rays obliquely incident at the image corners Effektives dating gesprächsthemen shadowed by a filter mount Effektives dating gesprächsthemen normal thickness, while the lens mount just [ In addition to the easy processing the main advantage of Poseidon fibres is the high transfer rate: Due to the very small ion exchange particles.

The material is so f t viscose w i th a subtle sheen and [ Das Mate ri al is t w eic he Viskose mi t l eic htem Gl anz, die [ In this case typical ly a thread w i ll be started in the [ Immediately after the l oc a l thread i s probably stopped, [ Nachde m der l oka le Thread w ahr schei nl ich gestoppt [ Most frequent English dictionary requests: Please click on the reason for your vote: This is not a good example for the translation above.

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