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Dating avedis zildjian cymbals

This is the “first stamp”...

Avedis Zildjian I the first was an Armenian alchemist in the city of Constantinople in the early seventeenth century. While attempting to create gold by combining base metals, he discovered an alloy of copper, tin, and traces of silver with unique sound qualities. InAvedis used his secret alloy to create cymbals of spectacular clarity and power. The sound of the instruments was so extraordinary that the Sultan invited Avedis to live at court Topkapi Palace to make cymbals for the Sultan's elite Dating avedis zildjian cymbals Bands.

Dating avedis zildjian cymbals Avedis' reputation grew, the Sultan gave him the name "Zildjian" in Armenian Zilciyan in Turkisha word meaning "son of cymbal maker. InAvedis was granted permission to leave the palace in order to start his own business in a suburb of Constantinople named Psamatia.

That same business is now nearly four centuries old and has been passed down to Zildjian heirs for fifteen generations.

The business passed to Avedis' son, Armand in and then to Armand's daughter, Craigiein Currently, Dating avedis zildjian cymbals and her sister Debbie continue the family tradition in what is recognized as the oldest family-owned business in America. The Birth of the Family Name Avedis I, an Armenian alchemist living in Constantinople, discovers a secret process for treating alloys and applies it to the art of making cymbals of extraordinary clarity and sustain.

The sultan's famed Janissary bands are quick to adopt Avedis' cymbals for daily calls to prayer, religious feasts, royal weddings and the Ottoman army. In appreciation, the Sultan gives Avedis 80 gold pieces and the family name 'Zildjian,' which means 'cymbal smith' in Armenian Zil is Turkish for 'cymbal,' dj means Dating avedis zildjian cymbals and ian is the Armenian suffix meaning 'son of.

Prior tothe Zildjian Family's cymbals were simply known as "Turkish Cymbals. At the fairs of Paris and London inand again in London incymbals bearing the name "Dating avedis zildjian cymbals" Zildjian won all prizes and awards for excellence. During the late 's, Kerope was recognized throughout Europe and beyond as one of the most accomplished craftsman of the Zildjian family.

His 'K Zildjian' cymbals surpassed all others in terms of resonance, thinness always difficult to create and durability. Initially, Kerope was second in the line of succession.

But, inKerope inherited the firm from his brother, Avedis II. He ran the business for 44 years, until his death in By traveling to exhibitions in Europe's major centers of culture and trade, Kerope enhanced the family's reputation, winning ten decorations and medals, and many certificates of commendation. Certainly, Kerope could not have imagined that his grandnephew, Avedis III, would someday bring the family's cymbal tradition to America where it would flourish like never before.

First Stamp (1929-1939)

Aram, however found it difficult to continue manufacturing cymbals in Constantinople during a period of political upheaval.

After joining the Armenian National Movement, he was forced temporarily to flee to Bucharest. Aram opened a "Dating avedis zildjian cymbals" Zildjian factory in Bucharest, while Kerope's daughter Victoria stepped in to keep the factory in Samatya a suburb of Constantinople running. Eventually Aram returned to his native country, where he exported cymbals around the world, most notably to America, which was by then the largest consumer of musical instruments in the world.

InAram writes his nephew, Avedis III who is already living in America telling Avedis that it is now his turn to carry on the family business. Avedis III, like his father Haroutune, was "Dating avedis zildjian cymbals" to assume responsibility for a year-old family business, which had never been very profitable. Avedis III, the only surviving male in the direct line of succession, was an American, who owned a successful candy factory. He tells Aram that he will not return to Constantinople and therefore the cymbal business must be reestablished in America.

Aram agrees to come and help Avedis set up the Dating avedis zildjian cymbals Zildjian cymbal foundry in the United States.

The company is incorporated in Quincy, Massachusetts in at the beginning of the Jazz Era. As difficult as it may be Dating avedis zildjian cymbals today's drummers to believe, cymbals were hardly heard at all in popular music in the early part of this century.

Instead, even as the seeds of jazz were being sown, cymbals were primarily used at the end of a number for a single big crash. Avedis Zildjian helped change all that. Like a lot of influential people in music, Avedis came from humble beginnings.

He emigrated to America in and got a job working in a candy factory in Boston. He was a quick learner, and soon started a candy business of his own. As he told me, "Why would you want to work for someone else when you could have your own business? InAvedis received a letter from his uncle, Aram, telling him that it was now his turn to take over the ancient family art of cymbal making.

But rather than return to Turkey, where the Zildjian family had crafted cymbals since and where he himself had apprenticed as a young boyAvedis convinced Dating avedis zildjian cymbals to move the company to the U. He must have weighed pounds, and he was baldheaded, with a white goatee and mustache.

Aram was very helpful in organizing the factory from the beginning, staying on through most of the first year to help Dad get started. Even so, my Father had concerns about entering the cymbal business which had never been profitable especially when he already had a successful candy business.

It was my mother who thought it was a romantic story and persuaded him to consider it. So, Dad went around to the important music stores, asking them if they would buy his cymbals. The move to the U.

Demand for cymbals was low, and to make matters worse, months after Avedis opened the new cymbal factory outside of Boston, the Great Depression hit.

The factory itself was an old, small, one-story building with a dirt floor. He persevered through the tough Depression years where others would have given up. He became very friendly with Ray Bauduc, who played with Bob "Dating avedis zildjian cymbals."

He also knew Chick Webb and Jo Jones. But it was probably Gene Krupa with whom he had the closest working relationship. Krupa asked Zildjian to develop a thinner cymbal, which immediately became very popular. He also helped promote the use of more special-purpose cymbals. This had a big impact on the Zildjian Company's developmental efforts.

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