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Scientists working off Russia's far eastern coast have captured footage of what they believe to be the first ever adult, all-white orca whale sighted in the wild.

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Scientist hope to confirm soon whether the orca, nicknamed "Iceberg," is an albino. National Library of Medicine, Albinism from Latin albus, "white" is a congenital disorder in which pigment in the hair is partially or completely absence due to a lack of an enzyme found in melanin. Here are some other animals that have this unique and rare trait.

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In this file photo, two baby albino bengal tigers are seen. An albino wallaby, named "Pino," looks out from his mother's pouch at "Le Cornelle" zoo park in Valbrembo near Bergamo.

In this file photo, an albino tiger cub is seen with her mother and siblings. This photo taken on October 15, shows an albino kangaroo from a wildlife park in Australia. This file photo dated 14 September shows year-old Copito de Nieve Snowflakethe only albino gorilla in the Barcelona zoo, Spain. In this file photo, an albino baby koala is seen clinging to its mother at the San Diego Zoo. This photo taken on March 25, shows a wild albino donkey on the island of Asinara, Italy.

A white peacock opens its feathers in a cage in the Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad on June 9, Copito de nieve latino dating peacock is the national bird of India and the white peacock is often mistaken for an albino, but it is in fact a recessive mutation.

A rare albino Vervet monkey in Livingstone, Zambia forages with a normal vervet monkey. In this file photo, an albino red-necked wallaby with her baby is seen.

This photo taken on July 25, shows a rare albino fishing cat, who experts believe could be the last of its kind in South Asia, kept in the private collection of Bangladeshi wildlife conservationist Sitesh Ranjon Deb at his house in Sreemangol. A rare albino buffalo grazes in Hellsgate national park in Naivasha after it was discovered by wardens.

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In this file photo, a one-month-old albino common barking deer romps near an older albino male deer. In this file photo, an albino black vulture is seen.

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