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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Caragiale and the Distrustful Citizen Alecu Russo and Elizabeth Barrett Browning The Mythical Suburban Irish Woman Risk, Language and Identification in the Network Society.

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If the current crisis is in large part a cultural crisis what is the role of culture in an attempt to stimulate a step further of Europe, repairing and following the path of sustainability? The classical texts, a gift, a cultural legacy of the past that you can take or refuse, are not immobile assets or a trap of the past, but, paradoxically, agents of an active movement between freedom and responsability and from a rich subjectivity to an exteriority framed by the symbolic figure of the community, which a text itself can take or refuse, in order to renew in different contexts, to update and become universal.

The elements to work with are the real and the immediate impersonations of these conflicts2. We live intensely a multiplication of scenes of chaos and betrayal, at both central and local levels, of migration from one party to another and of intensification of the struggle for power.

The mimetic multiplication of images and formats passionately debating any topic at any time of day or night can be a problem in terms of the theatrical art concerned to preserve its dialogical nature threatened by the endless stream of cheap material, Alecu russo cantarea romaniei online dating product of a compromise between political communicators, journalists, public intellectuals, moderators, entertainers and audiences.

Why are activities involving the representation and performance of his plays essential to the cultural system, for the network of exchanges which maintains and develops cultural identification? Why do these activities generate such a force? What special tools for understanding the overthrown mechanisms of public policy and degradation of behavior can be identified and how do they act? The explanatory value of this model seems to be more general4, and can be extended to an exploration of the conditions under which the work of a classic is reconfirmed at spatial and temporal scales which are larger than the age or the framework of the collection of texts or of the set of features which identifies an era and a culture5, IJCCSEC Volume 2, Issue 1, 3 George Banu, Peter Brook Spre teatrul formelor simple, Polirom,p.

However, texts, in his view, are not static collections but films at the surface of the living world. Beyond being a signifying network, having a subject and an object, writing and publishing in the textual world of culture, theater text was placed in relation to the concept of performance Alecu russo cantarea romaniei online dating of communitas by Victor Turner and Richard Schechner7.

Without liminality, the program will reproduce a standard which will reify a field, blocking its creativity, while liminality opens the possibility for alternatives as a way to actively search for new forms of life. Liminality is ambivalent, beneficial through the metaphors mobilizing the group, and full of pitfalls, individuals and groups being sometimes unable to go out of the phantasmal betwixt or in between state to get access to new identities rooted in existential openings.

He stresses "Alecu russo cantarea romaniei online dating" the emphasis on drama, performance, symbolism, the need to limit the influence of patterns, rules, structures, liminality being a state of antistructure, of suspension of taboos and rules which order and prohibit. In Drama, Fields, and Metaphors: Symbolic Action in Human Society, Turner assigns societies the capacity to reach a balance oscillating between the two poles, structure and antistructure, through their cyclical form through which either liminality or norm are installed within cultural practices9.

For Schechner text life cannot live without the other. This interconnection between the variety of living films and living agregates form a system through which terra is looking for its balance at geological scale. I define culture as this network of symbols. In the circumstances, very intensely — crises, disasters, etc. Closer to the stake of Alecu russo cantarea romaniei online dating analysis is the definition given by Roberto Esposito.

The second is of obligation, formalization, office, service.

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The third, more problematic, derives from the relationship between gift and exchange give and takethe obligation to give something in return for what you get as a gift, but also includes the possibility to offer a service or not, but we can look at as a form of freedom "Alecu russo cantarea romaniei online dating" the text introduces in the social relationship.

Community is not a body or a corporation in which individuals reflect each other, reflecting their original identity; there is no collective connection that occurs at a certain moment to connect what else is separate. Community is not a way of being, or becoming, a way to produce the subject. It is nor subject multiplication neither its expansion, but the exposure of the subject to what interrupts closure and returns something closed in itself Alecu russo cantarea romaniei online dating the inside out.

It is a dizziness, a spasm, a syncope in the continuity of the subject as a system closed towards itself So, the classical text, a gift, a cultural heritage of the past, you can receive or reject, is paradoxically agent — and not passive inventory, or trap of the past - of the movement between obligation and freedom, and from an interiority rich in virtualizations towards an exteriority framed by the symbolical figure of the belonging to which it is offered, but it is also refused in order to generalize and renew.

It keeps both the possibility of a subjective retreat, the freedom to choose to participate or not in the exchange of meaning and an interactional game and that of an opening to the outside and a possible camping within a stereotype. Alecu russo cantarea romaniei online dating the other hand, Deleuze and Guattari speak of a fundamental multiplicity of the text, of a paradigm shift the perspective of multiplicity has to replace the binary one based on oppositions inspired by the language model and of the need of methodological innovation Politics is the powerful movement that stirs all the thinking and the whole idea.

The evolution of Romanian theater in the modern institutional framework reflects a critical intellectual mobilization with the centre on how the society of the age evolves in time in Western modernity, as an agent of the modernization process, of an awareness of the sense of necessity and a tendency to move.

Understanding today Caragiale's work requires an overview, a script of block reading of the stories, moments, plays. The schemes and political mismanagement offer minor politics packaged in phrases bearing emptiness and the agony of meaning.

The gaze concentrates all knowledge of senses becomimg the dominant perspective, a monitoring device, one of alignment and removed from an invisible centre holding political or business ties or deliberately entangling threads.

In the additive reflection of scenes, the author-character, observer and observed, adds value, detail, irony or self-irony - by taking a complicity with the reader- spectator, with one or another of the characters, initiate a game of discovery, of guessing what is under appearances, therefore, as it has been said, Caragiale is a Socrates, maybe a modern pseudo-Candide deliberately ignoring the enormity of the world art of deceive others, cynicism, versatility that it theatrically animates and increases, strategically placing in the critical point and ironically at the same time between the observation of immediacy and the immediacy of the performance demonstration.

Then and now the wealth or family budget relies on public funds ; democracy is strengthened with the stick, continuing today with the water cannon, tear gas, etc. The conversational multiple is adjusted by a variational principle. The same practical spirit is doubled by routine, the same empty and complacent love is connected to the bedroom and bed.

Our capacity to distinguish between levels of reality visible-hidden, real-virtual 14 the performance theory is based on two models, the web and the fan.

The fan-model approaches performance as a process organized by conventions and categories, while the web-model emphasizes the dynamics of interchanges and interconnections R. Between production elements and performers. Between production elements and spectators.

In theory, will have to reregister topicality as a change of meaning Barthes between historical world, the instance that defines-interprets, the text and the current meaning of the performance.

The result is disturbing. Caragiale's work functions as a sensor of topical mystification, of the forgery of the IJCCSEC Volume 2, Issue 1, Kantian sense of the republic, of contraposition between the future and the past, as the engine of change and progress: Its topicality is pure stillness. It is adaptable, available, mobile, to protect its immobility. The movement of Caragiale's world is not as circular as it was considered as stagnant s. Here everything is done so that nothing is done Babble has this function to create the impression that something unusual, something memorable constantly happens, without anything actually happening.

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