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Dating imari plates large


Dear Helaine and Joe: I was reading your response to J.

I have been collecting Imari for several years now, but only the pieces clearly marked Imari. They are extremely hard to find, and I have noticed in antiques shows dealers are selling pieces advertised as Imari but not marked accordingly.

My question is this: Are the pieces I have collected, which are clearly marked Imari, more valuable than the unmarked pieces? Let's get the bad news over with right away.

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All pieces of porcelain that are marked with the word "Imari" in English are mid- to late 20th century giftware. They are not antique, and they are "hard to find" because most of this type of ware still is in the possession of its original owners and has not yet moved onto the secondary market. The hard facts of life are that the vast majority of all authentic, antique Japanese Imari is completely unmarked.

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We are answering this question because we received a large number of inquiries just like it, and we felt it was important to follow up and talk a little bit about the 20th century Imari that seems to be confusing some of our readers. In our earlier column, published after the first of the year, we discussed how Imari production began in the 17th century, in and around the town of Arita, and that Imari was the name of the port from which this porcelain was shipped to Dating imari plates large West.

What we did not make clear is that the making of Imari has not stopped for any length of time since its inception, and some very attractive examples have been made in recent years.

Current collectors, however, are mostly interested in the wares that are no later than the early 20th century. In the near future, it is likely that the better modern examples Dating imari plates large be embraced and will become part of some collections. Pieces with this "Gold Imari" mark turn up rather frequently in estate sales, and they are very attractive, high-quality wares that were relatively expensive when they were new.

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April 29, Royal anniversary: Duchess Kate a role Dating imari plates large during 2 years of marriage. May 3, The tired mother's creed: Produced in the 18th century, Chinese export porcelain was crafted with the same A large verte-imari monteith, Qianlong period, circa Shop for-and learn about-Imari Pattern Porcelain. Imari is a style of porcelain named after the Japanese port from which it was shipped to the West. Large Chinese Export Rose Medallion Punch Bowl, 19th Century.

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Set of 4 18th Century Chinese Export Imari Porcelain Chargers in 2 sizes. .