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Ek hi raasta 1956 online dating


Ek Hi Raasta lit. Only one way is a family-drama Indian Hindi film directed and produced by B. The music for the film was scored by Hemanta Mukherjee. Films in and Ek Hi Raasta was the first film produced under this banner.

Amar and Malti are both orphans and hence are sympathetic towards orphans generally. Prakash Ashok Kumar is a rich bachelor businessman for whom Amar works. While working in Prakash's factory, Amar catches another worker Munshi Jeevan stealing money from the factory locker. To take revenge for his humiliation at the hands of Amar, Munshi murders him.

To escape his depression over the loss, Prakash begins helping Malti and her child. Munshi tries to humiliate the family by spreading rumours of an affair between Prakash and Malti in public. To save the honour of Malti, Prakash marries her.

Raja meanwhile refuses to accept Prakash as his father. Munshi provokes Raja against Prakash and claims that Prakesh was the real murderer of Amar. Out of anger, Raja tries to shoot Prakash but fails. Raja is jailed for the attempt to kill Prakash.

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After a few years, Raja is released from jail only to find that his mother is hospitalised from the mental shock she received following Raja's imprisonment. Fearing Malti has died, Raja does not return home. After a few years, Raja understands and returns home, then accepts Prakash as his father. The music for the songs was composed by Hemanta Mukherjee. The film was directed and produced by the Dadasaheb Phalke Award winner B.

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