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Dating lane furniture


I found this Lane table yesterday. I'm a sucker for long and low bench-like midcentury "Dating lane furniture" tables so this was a good score for me. It's got an eggshell color painted finish and really beautiful legs, it was the legs that caught my attention at first. Anyway the design looks quite distinct to me so I'm just wondering if anyone knows if a particular designer can be attributed to this design? I also have the serial number and Lane mark, curious if there's also a website where you can date and ID vintage furniture based on serial and style numbers?

Ive come across a couple of Ive come across a couple of these tables in the past. The funny thing is they were both painted white at some point in their life like yours. After stripping the paint it revealed a beautiful bookmatched walnut veneer on the top.

I'm guessing the architectual Dating lane furniture of these tables lends themself to being painted white for some reason. You don't think the You don't think the design is nice or distinct?

I got it because I thought it has a nice design to it and I much prefer it over some other Lane designs, it also looks contemporary Dating lane furniture me. Anyway I'm curious to know how you stripped the paint off. Can you give me instructions and brand you used?


According to your serial According to your serial number the table was built on May 23, I'm not saying the table isn't nice, it's just fairly simple to my eye and I was never able to find any attribution for it. I was lucky Dating lane furniture both my tables had been painted with simple latex interior paint so removal was very easy with a putty knife and some chemical stripper. Not sure what Dating lane furniture of paint is on yours, but you'll likely need some form of chemical stripper and then some light sanding when you get to the semi-bare wood.

Be careful with the legs, I think they are a different type of wood stained to match the walnut. Well it has nice modern Well it has nice modern clean lines.

I like how the apron stretches across the entire length of the table supporting the three legs on each side and how the thickness of the apron increases when it touches the legs. The legs themselves are very nice looking, with 3 on each side so they look like columns supporting a building, very architectural.

Dating & Identifying Lane Furniture....

Also how the legs taper on the bottom and their sharp pointy facade, not just a flat surface. Maybe you guys are thrown off by the very light finish, maybe if it was teak or walnut the lines and form would stand out more perhaps. I think it's a very simple, modern and elegant piece, but Dating lane furniture guess to each his own. I don't know the finish on mine, thought it Dating lane furniture professionally done at factory.

It's not white finish, it's an eggshell creamy color, almost like ivory. Also the top looks like it's divided into sections, like parquet style, it's not obvious but I think that's a decorative detail also. Btw, how were you able to Btw, how were you able to date it to ?

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