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Dating someone with no job


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Welcome to Reddit,

Whether you are a woman or a man, please do not speak for all women. While men can still offer input, if your view conflicts with a woman's, we ask that you do not downvote or invalidate her response. Would you date someone who is unemployed? Long term unemployed due to mental health.

I don't particularly care about money and earn enough to support two people, including affording the mortgage, holidays, etc. So I am in the lucky position where earnings aren't something I have to consider too much. What is important to me is whether the relationship has both contributing. It doesn't have to Dating someone with no job financial for me. My husband does all housework and cooks too.

He is wonderful company, ridiculously. He's funny, compassionate, and extremely ethical. We have many common interests and after 7 years together always have plenty to talk about and love spending time together. Like, enter a new relationship with someone that was unemployed? Maybe, if they had a solid plan in place for finding employment and they had their affairs in order enough that I didn't need to financially support them.

After watching several close friends be sucked dry by their long-term unemployed who never could seem to manage to even attempt to look for jobs partners I have no interest in being in that kind of relationship.

I'm not interested in supporting someone nor can I do so financially and I would want to date someone in a similar place in life as I am.

It's sad to admit that money played such a large part in the demise of that relationship, but it just put so much pressure on one side to pay for everything - food, dates, gas he had no car either, and all of the bills - that it became more like a job or a caretaker than a loving relationship.

I've been trying to formulate a tactful answer to this that doesn't make me sound like a cold-hearted bat, but it was one of the worst times of my life and there's no way in hell I'd date anyone without their own steady form of income ever again.

My husband is unemployed right now and has been off and on through our relationship. He's a student so I don't mind. Also, I influenced his quitting his job when we first started dating. He was working crazy hours seven days a week and had been doing that for three years. It was taking a huge toll on his body and overall health. I would keep dating someone who became unemployed while we were together.

I wouldn't start dating someone unemployed because I'd feel as though their priorities would be off-kilter if they were trying to dedicate time, energy, and money into starting a new relationship. You think that being unemployed is so time and energy-consuming that unemployed people don't have the time and energy to start a new relationship? Money, I can see, though relationships don't have to be expensive, but unemployed people tend to have time and energy on their hands, even when they are actively looking IMO.

I mean I was unemployed for 6 months and I know I wouldn't have had the emotional energy to be dating anyone. True, I Dating someone with no job thinking about physical and mental energy. I had not thought about the emotional energy; Dating someone with no job unemployment is draining.

I would not have been able to date at that time either but I had other issues going on so it's hard to say how I would have felt.

Temporarily unemployed, with their own finances in order and a plan for what they were going to do next? I don't think what a guy does exactly, that matters. But it is what he chooses to do about it. If he is being lazy, and refuses to find a Dating someone with no job, and is depressed about it, it's not gonna work.

If he's got ambition and drive, and does something with his life while he is unemployment, then different story. It's the same if he has a shitty job. I dated a guy who had a shitty job, made less than minimum wage, but was too much a coward to do anything about it.

with a man who is...

He was really lazy and wanted to mooch off me all the time, so I ended it very quickly. Essentially, it's not what the guy does for a living, but his attitude about it that matters. However now I wouldn't enter a relationship with someone who was unemployed. I've done that and I ended up spending so much money because he couldn't afford things. He was a leech and any job he got Dating someone with no job was fired from within a few weeks.

I wouldn't mind entering a relationship with someone who was unemployed. As long as they're not content with doing nothing.

Every time I have done that Dating someone with no job always ended up paying for their phones, all the dates, alcohol, everything. If it was like they had an interview and starts in 2 weeks, I would consider it. Or if they had enough saved up for expenses til they found a job.

Want to add to the...

But if you can't pay your own bills, I am not interested. I'm not working at the moment myself and Dating someone with no job been a lot of stuff closing down in my parts, it's a shit. I am not interested in being financial support for someone that I am not already deeply connected to. I did, our first summer together we were both unemployed.

We got to spend so much time together. However, if they were unemployed but still doing meaningful things with their life But still probably no.

One of my friends has been dating a guy who does a lot of activist work, but never actually has money, and she is the main provider in the relationship, which seems to cause stress and arguments. Still, they seem pretty compatible overall.

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