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Blutrache turm albanien dating


The Serb-Montenegrin community in Albania is estimated to number ca.

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In the latest censuscitizens had the option to declare as " Montenegrins " did so. The population is concentrated in the region of Vraka. The community is bilingual and by majority adhere to Eastern Orthodoxywhile a minority professes Islam. Most of the community arrived in Albania during the Zogist period and between and According Blutrache turm albanien dating the Serbian Ministry of Diaspora inthe most vulnerable minority of Europe were the Serbs in Albania, who since Communist Albania have not had their right to the use of the Serbian language or the religious orientation Serbian Orthodox.

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During the rule of Enver Hoxhathey were forced to change names but have not been able to reclaim them. The community lives largely on Blutrache turm albanien dating with Montenegro. During the first World War occupying Austro-Hungarian forces conducted a census of parts of Albania they held. Linguists Klaus Steinke and Xhelal Ylli consider the overall census results to be first instance of reliable information on the number of households and inhabitants as well as the ethnic and religious composition of these places.

According to the population census, there were ca. In the Albanian census ofthere was no accurate data about the minority population of Vraka. In the mid s, scholar Nikolai Genov estimated the minority community of Vraka to number some 2, people.

Smaller communities live outside northern Albania. During the early s linguists Klaus Steinke and Xhelal Ylli seeking to corroborate villages cited in past literature as being Slavic speaking carried out fieldwork in settlements of the area. With short interruptions, the territory that later became a part of Sanjak of Scutari in the Ottoman EmpireBlutrache turm albanien dating to the Slavic medieval feudal states for many centuries.

Khan Samuel of Bulgaria r. "Blutrache turm albanien dating" allegedly retreated into Koplik when Samuel invaded Duklja, and was subsequently forced to accept Bulgarian vassalage. Vladimir was later slewn by the Bulgars, and received a cult; Shingjon the feast of St.

Jovan Vladimirwhich is celebrated by the Albanian Orthodox Christians. Trebo polje, Bajbane, Luzane, Gorane, Buljane etc. During Venetian rule the city adopted the Statutes of Scutaria civic law written in Venetianwhich also contained Albanian elements such as Besa and Gjakmarrja.

When he died inthe Sanjak of Montenegro was reincorporated into the Sanjak of Scutari as a Blutrache turm albanien dating administrative unit vilayet with certain degree of autonomy.

Montenegrins and Serbs began migrating to Vraka in the late 17th century.

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