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Dating single mothers is a waste of time


Single mothers are the kind of women to always cancel dates at the last minute. Something always gets in the way of a man spending time with her.

Behind, her kids, her job, the car, the kitchen sink, the stopped up toilet. Even the dog gets more attention and affection than a man involved with a single mother.

Any man who gets involved with a single mother winds up a fifth stringer in a relationship.

And he rarely ever gets called up to play. A single mother is one of the biggest narcissists on the dating scene. She often thinks that a man has to drop everything in his life to be part of hers and her kids. Emotionally Unavailable- Most Single mothers cannot form an intimate connection with a man because her feelings are invested in other people.

Dating single mothers is a...

Usually her primary focus is on her children. And those feelings she still has for him will always prevent her from getting closer to you. There will always be some distance between a single mother and the new man in her life. He deals with her ex or her baby daddy as well. Some of these guys still think they have a shot at getting back with her. A lot of these dudes want to f! Head for the "Dating single mothers is a waste of time." Kids who still in their little heart of hearts think that Dad will come back and love them.

They will act out to keep you from getting closer to mommy. They will make accusations against you to get you in trouble. There are four billion women in the world. In their deluded distorted vision of the world Men are still supposed to take her out to the finest restaurants and buy them lots of expensive stuff. In some cases for the worse. Single mothers are the type to try to squeeze themselves into sexy outfits like low-rise jeans and cropped T-shirts to show off their belly button, not seeing the muffin top and stretch marks squeezing out over the top of their pants.

She thinks men are supposed to run up on her offering to buy her drinks. But the only people who wants what she has to offer are scavengers at the bottom of the social scene. S ingle Mothers never take responsibility for their actions. They never take any time to do any self-examination or make any efforts to change their lives.

A single mother will be the sweetest thing when a man first dates her, but a few months into a relationship she turns into a NUTJOB. A man will usually see glimpses of this when she chastises her kids when he first meets them.

Because dating a single mother...

And she always has a new trouble to bring everyone. The reason single mothers need the drama is because it makes them feel important.

Because dating a single mother...

It makes people pay attention to them. To a single mother, The men in her lives are just human ATM machines where she whispers a sweet nothing in his ear like a PIN number and money comes out of his wallet. Or pit two baby daddies against each other. A single mother is a LIAR.

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They lie to men about their age, their height, their weight, how many kids they have, the job they do. On top of the lies they tell to others They lie to themselves.

A single mother is one...

They lie about about how beautiful they are. They lie telling themselves they still have a chance with a good man. They lie telling themselves that their lives will be happily ever after one day. The horrible truth is without those lies most of those single mothers would realize how pathetic their lives are. How they have no options in the dating scene. Carries Baggage, baggage and more baggage A single mother has more issues than Time and Newsweek combined. Anyway, dealing with a single mother is like walking through a minefield.

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