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Less good natured okcupid dating


I'm not quite Less good natured okcupid dating what the problem is. OkCupid's goal is to help its users find dates. People rarely date someone who's very significantly more or less attractive than they are. Directing people to users with whom they're much likelier to find success actually seems quite sensible, not "less than OK". Hell, I would like if OKCupid let me know my percentile.

If I thought I had a hot shit profile that actually rather sucks by real user analytics feedbackit would Less good natured okcupid dating me to know. You didn't get rejected as unattractive, your profile got rejected as unattractive.

There are more ways than one to rectify this. Perhaps your failure is not that you're irredeemably ugly, but rather that your profile inspires no attraction. Conversely, if you "won" the profile attractiveness game, it may not mean you're nearly as attractive in real life as your profile suggests. This reminds of the PUA mantra as it has been related to me: The "YourBestFace" feature would help you with that.

Most interesting thing I found out? Pictures with my grandma: Pictures with my grandfather: Wow, I hadn't heard of that feature! It makes me wonder why these people are running something as small-time as a dating website.

I haven't seen so much useful creativity and cool new ideas and openness since Google got bigger.

People rarely date someone who's...

Why is dating "small-time"? What other category of website can actually charge subscription fees and still attract a large mainstream user base? Not that it's small money, or not important.

They are just so refreshing, and from what I've seen of them, I wish we had teams like that in places such as our government. I'm not insulting their business. It is pretty perfect for collecting some of the data they have found. OK Cupid is free btw. But you can pay a subscription and Less good natured okcupid dating no ads, better filters, and extra blah blah blah.

JeffL on June 11, Just post your pictures to Hot or Not to find where you are in the scheme of things. It might make sense behind the scenes, but was it a mistake for them to actually tell their users about it? They must have known the uglies would find out about it, so you've gotta balance out the fact that you've just flattered some of your users with the fact that you've insulted the rest.

Besides, ugly users are probably a lot more profitable than good-looking ones. As you might have noticed from OKCupid's copious release of cross-racial dating data, and similar "Skipping through a minefield" marketing activities, I think they've decided "You know, dating is crowded. Better to be loved by Less good natured okcupid dating and hated passionately by a few than to be unknown by all and crushed by Match. Cutting the userbase sharply in half, with ugly on one side and attractive on the other, is probably a bad way for them to explain it to people.

They'd be better off saying something like "we show you other users based on how much you have in common, including age, interests, attractiveness, personality, etc. SapphireSun on June 11, True, but they already say that. I don't think that they stop showing you 'ugly' people, they just shift the distribution. I didn't get any mail saying I'm beautiful.

But I still see plenty of pretty girls that are a good match. Yup, I think this is the main reason why they implemented it.

Woke level: 100

To elaborate a little further on this point from a guy's perspective this might sound controversial. You risk scaring off attractive girls if they are bombarded by mail from a wider range of less attractive guys 2. The less attractive girls will get less attention as the guys will try their chances with the hotter girls 3. And all the girls would have a worse experience, ugly or hot, which might result in them leaving.

How much should physical attractiveness play a role in relationships? Is it smart to isolate a part of your user base with such Less good natured okcupid dating email? And who is Okcupid to make judgement calls on who I may find attractive? Regardless of what the womyn at Bitchmagazine think about it. Just as a note, OkCupid has a strong hookup culture going on as well. In terms of their userbase. So that plays into this, too. I know what the problem is After seeing some of the pictures of the people who got that letter, I'm pretty convinced they Less good natured okcupid dating it to the bottom half.

Are these pictures public? There were a bunch of people posting about it in the forums when this first happened.

I do wonder if they're bisecting their pool of active accounts, or all accounts. People are also much more likely to date someone of their own race.

Should OkCupid segregate by race as well?

I have earned a personality...

Oh wait, that's a social taboo, whereas discriminating against the ugly Less good natured okcupid dating considered perfectly acceptable. If the methods by which they measure attractiveness overlap with the methods by which they measure racial bias covered in one of their blog poststhen they could very well be implying whether they mean to or not that attractiveness is correlated with race.

Yeah, so they already tackled that subject: The policy discriminates against those deemed less attractive for whatever reason bad photo, profile misspelling, etc. Heaven forbid people are rewarded for being liked!

Shouldn't a bad photo or a misspelling count against you? The policy reinforces the notion that hot people deserve love and happiness and "ugly" people should just get used to being Less good natured okcupid dating. What does attractiveness mean if not that people like to look at you more?

It would be weird for a dating site not to respond to this dynamic.

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