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Dane reynolds lost interest in dating


Has Dane thrown in the competitive towel for the year and perhaps for good? Dane Reynolds is not doing media. The most popular surfer on the planet will not take your call, respond to your email, tweet, poke or courier pigeon.

So where does that leave us, sports fans?

Are you a kook?! Check...

Out in the cold, warming ourselves around a fire of idle chatter and loose supposition. As you know Dane began the year recovering from knee surgery.

He withdrew from the opening tour events without much fuss. In May he made his return, contesting the Nike 6.

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In his first heat he landed a clean inverted slob air The judges awarded it an inadequate 7. This time he withdraws without citing a reason.

So is it now safe to assume that Mr Reynolds has finally made a firm decision?

That "Dane reynolds lost interest in dating" has thrown in the competitive towel for the year and perhaps for good? Well no, not really. For many of his admirers this is just another case of Dane being his unusual and beautiful self.

Others have read into it a heavy slight against the ASP and a reason to hoist Mr Reynolds even higher on their shoulders as the new anti-corporate, surfer-as-artist, truth-wielding messiah.

Hell, grown-ups make decisions, and only fools and mothers have pity for pampered, whiny white boys.

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