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Playfish dating games


Playfishcurrently a property of Electronic Artswas a developer of free-to-play social network games. Who has the Biggest Brain?

Playfish is one of the...

It was one of the first Facebook games to attract millions of daily players, and allowed the company to raise the funding necessary to produce other games.

The company made money by selling virtual goods inside its games. On June 14,all of the Playfish-developed games have been retired while Madden NFL 13 Social was retired on September 2, and can no longer be played on Facebook.

In Restaurant Cityplayers own a restaurant in a set environment. The goal is to run Playfish dating games exceedingly popular restaurant and increase in restaurant level and dish quality.


A restaurant needs at least two employees to function; a chef and a waiter. Through popularity, a restaurant can attract more customers. As a restaurant Playfish dating games more customers, it needs more employees. A restaurant gains the ability to hire more employees as it rises in level. The restaurant also grows in size as it gains levels, and can serve drinks and grow certain ingredients in a garden.

PlayFish creates social games that...

Restaurant City was retired on June 29, In Pet Societyplayers own virtual pets in a "neighborhood. Gaining "paw points" allows players to eventually level up to Level Players can also send gifts and do a crafting challenge to make an item.

It was announced on April 15, that the game would be retired on Playfish dating games 14,however it was retired on June 17, instead.

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Players create a team out of current real-life NFL players and compete in 3 different types of games: As players progress they collect coins to purchase upgrades to their stadiums, collect fans, hire NFL coaches, and purchase tiered rating level card packs of NFL players to add to their rosters. This game took place in a fictional town called Littlehaven.

Those are the last remaining...

In The Sims Socialplayers create their own 'Sim', or character, which they can customize. They can then interact with the Sims of their friends, decorate their home, advance their Sim in their dream job and develop romantic relationships. The game often taking some inspirations based on famous public figures such as Lady Gaga and Elvis Presley.

10. Biotronic

SimCity Social is a city building game which allows the player to build city. This is the Facebook game version of the SimCity franchise. It was announced on April 15, that the game would be retired on June 14, Playfish dating games, however it was retired on 17 June instead. Prior April 19,all active Playfish games used a uniform premium currency called "Playfish Cash", and among players it was often called PFC.

Playfish Cash could be used for all Playfish games in one. Later, the premium currency was changed into individual cash types for each game.

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