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Jiro wang and rainie yang dating


This character is very different to Rainie's previous roles. Rainie says that this is the most different and most quiet character. This character is not like me at all. She is too introverted and doesn't know how to express her emotions unlike me; when she is angry or sad, she will cry to fix the problem but I definitely wouldn't do that; also, I am more lively, she is just sad.

The only similarity I Jiro wang and rainie yang dating with my character is probably that we both like to stay at home! I love to spend time on the sofa at home then play with my dog. If my dog is asleep, I will wake it up, play with it for a while then let it sleep, then wake it up to play again. Even though I don't like to watch cartoons, I used to watch [Fushigi Yuuki], the story involves travelling between different dimensions, love and fighting.

I like watching fantasy and cartoons about things that would be less likely to happen in real life. We just feel sorry for her dog Yumi that never gets a good sleep! A slap with left hand Filming the drama [Together], Rainie said that every scene was unforgettable.

However, there was a scene where she "tricked" Da Dong that was especially unforgettable. When we were rehearsing for it, I was always slapping him with my right hand. However, just before filming, the director told me to use my left hand to slap Da Dong in order to capture his natural emotions.

Everyone there knew I was using my left hand but we weren't allowed to tell Da Dong. At the time, I was very nervous because we had never rehearsed using left hand and my left hand had always been very stupid. I was going to say, if we were to NG then the plan would be ruined so there was a lot of pressure on me! In the end when we were filming for real, I really used my left hand to slap him and once the director yelled cut, Da Dong very cutely asked, 'How come you used your left hand?

The degree of care he puts into Jiro wang and rainie yang dating appearance is far greater than hers. However, Jiro really cares about his looks, always fixing it up and looking in the mirror. Even though this time he was acting as a superstar, I've heard that even when he's not, he is still like that.

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Once I said to him: It's like he doesn't have express that whole range of emotions, he is very peaceful. I really wanna see what he looks like when he's angry! However, one time Rainie finally saw Da Dong cry until he had no voice!

There was one scene where his mother cooks a bowl of noodles for him; Da Dong sees the letter his mother has written for him and then sits there crying. From the side, I saw just his back plus sounds of crying and I already cried. Later, the director yelled 'Cut' but Da Dong couldn't stop crying.

I've never seen him like that. After yelling 'Cut' he still couldn't stop, I was completely shocked. Because I've never experienced not being able to stop crying after a crying scene, I think he must have been thinking of something very sad at the time.

Rainie who loves work, will be working on Valentine's Day. Talking about her ideal lover, Rainie says that house guys are no problem because she quite likes to stay at home herself.

She even said that they were good because they won't go out to get to know other girls and muck around.

Joseph Chang and Rainie Yang...

As long as it's not Jiro wang and rainie yang dating the point that he doesn't want to communicate with her, it's all okay! However, Rainie can't really accept home guys that like to cosplay female characters. They can only cosplay male ones! In fact, I know a few people who like to cosplay but when they aren't cosplaying, they dress quite normally.

As long as he is not too much in love with the character, I'm okay with it. My most unforgettable Valentine's Days are all the ones without a Valentine. One year when I was single, we finished work early and then all the single people went out to sing. Drinking a little and singing some sad songs, it was still quite cheerful.

This time he is acting as an unpopular artist but he is actually very kind. It's just that he entered the entertainment industry very early and enjoyed his success, so he became selfish, proud and didn't know how to treasure things, causing his career to go downhill. My character is a superstar. Once he meets the house girl, she changes his life and he learns to cherish more. This character has Jiro wang and rainie yang dating emotional scenes, lots of crying scenes, making it very hard for me.

However, because of these crying scenes, I feel a very big sense of achievement.

The one thing they do have in common however, is that they work very hard for the benefit of their family. In front of my family, I will always make myself look healthy, happy and lively, hoping that my mum will think that I'm doing great. The first kiss scene is at school, I have to force a kiss onto her. I was very nervous when I was filming this, not knowing what to do.

Because she has a petite figure, I had to lower my head to kiss her. Slowly getting into that scene, I touched her [lips] a bit. Afterwards she laughed saying, 'You even shake when kissing!

At the very end there is also a kiss scene, sitting in a boat Jiro wang and rainie yang dating the lake.

Originally it Jiro wang and rainie yang dating meant to be romantic but the director said we should keep kissing as if no-one's watching while the director captured the scene himself. We kept kissing and kissing and kissed for a long time, it was probably five minutes, until we didn't know what we were doing!

But the director Jiro wang and rainie yang dating yell cut so we had no choice but to keep kissing to the point we were kissing and chatting at the same time. Da Dong and Rainie have so many "special kisses", their relationship must be pretty good! She has taken on the role of many different characters and this time actually seeing her act, I think that she can act very well.

Before I got to know her, I thought she was lively, carefree and lifts up the mood in a group of people but afterwards, I discovered that when she goes out, she is very quiet. I think she is quite attractive to others, like a little lady. Da Dong very much a house guy In the drama, Da Dong has many emotional scenes while Rainie's body must suffer. There is a scene where Rainie jumps into the water to save Da Dong; Rainie had to keep jumping in for a few hours and even got sick in the end!

She is willing to make sacrifices for acting. Just like that jumping in the water scene, even though it was cold, as a girl, she still had to keep jumping in. The two of us staying at home together, we could rent movies to watch. I quite like the feeling of a world with only two people. I can even make my own costumes, wings, feathers and all.

Jiro Wang (traditional Chinese: 汪東城;...

Da Dong loves surprises! Whether Da Dong and Rainie are compatible, only they will know first! However Da Dong said that if Rainie was his girlfriend, he would plan a surprise for Valentine's Day! Beforehand I will go shopping with her and ask her what girls like, pretending she's helping me look for a gift for another girl.

A few days before Jiro wang and rainie yang dating Day, I will purposely not call her, pretending to distance myself from her. Then on Valentine's Day, just before the day ends I will find her and give her the gift she chose. Downstairs from her house, I will prepare a very large bouquet of flowers for her.

Then carry the flowers and go shopping, letting the whole world know that she has a handsome boyfriend who gives her big bouquets of flowers. Then we'll have a lover's set meal, watch a movie, shop, admire the night scenery and light fireworks! Rainie shouldn't not want to be [Together] with Da Dong, right! Log in No account?

Rainie: "In this drama, I...

Jiro Wang (traditional Chinese: 汪東城; simplified Chinese: 汪东城; pinyin: Wāng Dōngchéng;. Wang is most well known as the male lead in the Taiwanese drama KO One (終極一班) (in which he plays the . guest on % Entertainment to promote ToGetHer with fellow cast members George Hu and Rainie Yang.