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Are meryl davis and charlie white dating 2019


But they made two things clear: Well, it was a long road. After Sochi, regardless of whether we would return to competition, it was interesting for us to be OK with the idea of not really knowing the answer to that, and we really allowed ourselves to remain there up until this point.

Little Caesars Arena in Detroit...

So after a long time and a lot of thought, this definitely feels like the right decision for us. Once it was within a year of the next Olympics, I think we decided that we needed to finalize the approach we had. Just weighing those in time as we learned so many things about ourselves in the process of stepping away from competition — we really found new people, and how new Meryl and Charlie reacted to returning to competition and all the things that are involved in the process, I think we started to feel more and more comfortable with continuing on the "Are meryl davis and charlie white dating 2019" of exploration and self-discovery that we set up for ourselves away from competitive skating.

We love our sport more than ever. There was this push and pull between the idea of continuing in this direction of exploring life outside of competition or returning to that challenging comfort zone that we had known for so many years.

Detroit — A longtime capital...

So not the next Olympics, which would be —however. I think for us, right now, the main thing is the Olympics and the Olympic season being less than one year away.

As you explored the world outside of competitive skating over the past three years, what is it that you learned most about yourselves? I always say that as an athlete, you have to be very selfish with your time and energy.

I think, for me, being able to step away and having the extra time and energy to devote to your family, your loved ones — and finding out more about how you can impact the world — has just been so much fun. You have spent three years trying new things and discovering your passions.

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What conclusions have you come to and what do your futures hold? I feel very strongly in much the same way that there are so many awesome lessons, perspectives and philosophies that we come in contact with and have taken into ourselves and tried to embody.

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