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Keluarga kerajaan britannia raya dating


Welcome Guest Log In Register. Pak Lahthird year as Prime Minister of Malaysia.

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Nov 1 Show posts by this member only Post 1. I am very Keluarga kerajaan britannia raya dating with Pak Lah performance after he has been our PM for 3 years now. The recent of Zakaria made me ponder why didnt he act fast to sack or terminate this little napolean fast and but letting the Sultan of Selangor to intervene? When he was question about his son's company Scomi got so many government contracts, he rebuked that while Tun Dr Mahathir was in power, his children had benefited alot more of government businesses than his children now.

There are many more As the citizen of Malaysiam i will grade him: What do you think his report card would show?

There has Keluarga kerajaan britannia raya dating only talks about development or improvement but nothing could be seen had taken place. Furthermore, his rift with Tun Dr Mahathir emphasises his credibility even further.

Tun Dr Mahathir had asked Pah Lah to resign from his position, for the poor management of the government and country. Pah Lah's 'Mr Clean' image is also now doubted. Some seems to express him as 'Mr really dirty'. How this expression had been evaluated, is still unknown to the rakyat.

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PM Abdullah silent attitude on many issues is another reason for the poor performance. The rakyat is unable to gauge what he has in his mind or he does not know what to do. Information surfacing indicate that his son-in-law decides on every issue faced by him. If this is true, then it would be best that PM Pah Lah step-down and hand his reign to some capable leader.

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Even Tun Dr Mahathir has been indicating along these lines. Is it true or not, we are unable to tell at this moment. But sometimes, surprising things can happen. Will this happen in the case of Pah Lah? Just recently, Pah Lah had indicated that while Tun Dr Mahathir was in power, his children had benefited alot more of government businesses than his children now. If the Prime Minister 's position is to gather wealth for ones family then these sort of people should be removed.

This is a clear indication of 'conflict of interest' which when taking office, every official his discarded from undertaking. Another criticism about Pah Lah is he is very unforgetful and always falling asleep while at official meetings or functions.

It is also reported that Ministers will obtain his signature in a memo after each cabinet meeting to avoid future disputes with him, as there had been instances where these problems had happened. Some photographs of Pah Lah sleeping during important meetings had also been published, which tarnish his reputation. The Keluarga kerajaan britannia raya dating Minister's office is a very responsible office and we need a person who is healthy and fit to administer the country.

Is Pah Lah sick and unable to take the Keluarga kerajaan britannia raya dating of the work involved?

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