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Ron paul dating site


Finding your match is hard enough, as is online dating. But matching up politically is a priority for many people, not just in the Washington-area.

Young Ron Paul supporters in...

Just like most dating sites, users list their education, location and interests, as well as their political attributes. Users also can post who they consider to be their most inspirational leader, what kinds of talk shows they watch, their favorite philosophers and the issues they care about the most.

There are dating sites connecting Christians, dog lovers and vegetarians, so the emergence of these "Ron paul dating site" political dating sites does not surprise online dating expert Julie Spira.

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Along with identifying where they fall in the political sphere, users can weigh which issues are important for Ron paul dating site to find in their match. The more questions, the better, says Spira.

BlueStateDate and RedStateDate launched in October, right before the general election, when most voters and daters were deciding how they felt about the issues facing the country. Relegating your online dating to those in your own party is something that sparked a reaction at a Georgetown store recently.

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