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Oscar winning actresses divorced and dating


Some of the acting styles have dated, but others remain powerful after all these years. And the tie between two actresses proves that Oscar voting is often extremely close: One vote would have eliminated one of those two winners.

Here are all the honored actresses. The Oscar winning actresses divorced and dating of the first Academy Awards were announced several months in advance of the ceremony.

Gaynor had a great year with three hits and, at age 22, remains one of the youngest best-actress winners in Oscar history. Aside from her Oscar, she is best remembered as a woman who took charge of her film career; she started exerting creative control over her movies and in became one of the founders of United Artists.

Norma Shearer became a big name in silent movies, and her career flourished at MGM throughout the s. She also became the third consecutive Canadian to win "Oscar winning actresses divorced and dating" best-actress prize.

In this case, Madelon Oscar winning actresses divorced and dating becomes a prostitute to send her son to medical school. Hepburn had career ups and downs, but ended up a Hollywood icon; this was the first of her four acting Oscars, a record that remains unbroken.

Picture, screenplay, director, actor and actress. Even so, Davis placed third in the voting, while Claudette Colbert won.

The German-born actress was unknown, and her role as Anna Held, the ex of Broadway producer Flo Oscar winning actresses divorced and dating, was basically a supporting role. But she has a flashy scene where she talks with him on the phone and tries to fight back tears as she congratulates him on his upcoming marriage; that scene clinched the Oscar. Rainer became the first double-winner in acting. She and Paul Muni, both born in Europe, played Chinese peasants in an example of Hollywood whitewashing.

The film was a big-budget Hollywood adaptation of Pearl S. So as a consolation, the studio gave her this project as a smug Southern belle who learns humility.

This was the first of four best-actress performances directed by William Wyler. When he cast the little-known Vivien Leigh, Variety published a poll showing that movie audiences — eager for the film adaptation — were OK with the idea of a British actress playing a character who was quintessential American. When the film debuted, audiences knew that Leigh was the right decision, while Oscar pundits knew that Leigh was the inevitable winner.

Ginger Rogers started as a Broadway hoofer, and became a movie star as the dancing partner of Oscar winning actresses divorced and dating Astaire in numerous musicals.

Though Alfred Hitchcock directed many films with terrific performances, Joan Fontaine is the only actress to earn an Oscar in one of his films. The unknown actress won her Oscar in this fact-based story of a village girl who reports on her visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Lourdes, France. Jones pulls off a difficult role, with a radiant and otherworldly look, which indicates she might be communicating with heavenly beings, or she might be not quite right in the head, as they used to say.

The Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman came to Hollywood in the late s and quickly became one of its biggest stars. This Victorian-era melodrama, directed by George Cukor, provided one of her best roles, as a woman who begins to doubt her own sanity. Bergman gets excellent support from Charles Boyer as her husband and a teenage Angela Lansbury, in her film debut as a saucy maid.

She knew a lot was riding on this film, which is adapted from the James M. Cain novel about a single mother of two girls who becomes a successful restaurant owner. Olivia de Havilland made Hollywood history with her precedent-setting battle against longterm studio contracts. She was unhappy with the scripts that Warner Bros.

This was yet another tale of an unwed mother, who creates a successful life and keeps tabs on her son from afar.

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