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A spin-off after a highly successful episode of Happy Daysit starred Robin Williams as Mork, an extraterrestrial who comes to Earth from the planet Ork in a small, one-Orkan egg-shaped spaceship.

Pam Dawber co-starred as Mindy McConnell, his human friend and roommate, and later his wife and the mother of his child. The character of Mork was played by a then-unknown Robin Williamswho impressed producer Garry Marshall with his quirky comedic Shazbot meaning as soon as they met. Marshall was looking for an actor for an episode of Happy Days. When Williams was asked to take a seat at the audition, Williams immediately sat on his head on the chair and Marshall cast him on the spot, and later wryly commented that Williams was the only alien who auditioned for the role.

The show wanted to feature a spaceman in order to capitalize on the popularity of the then recently released Star Wars film. Shazbot meaning the initial broadcast of this episode, it all turned out to be a dream that Richie had, but when Mork proved so popular, the ending in the syndicated version was re-edited to show Mork erasing the experience from everyone's minds, thus meaning the event had actually happened and was not a dream. Mork explains to Richie that he is from the "future": Mork arrives on Earth in an egg-shaped spacecraft.

He has been assigned to observe human behavior by Orson, his mostly unseen and long-suffering superior voiced by Ralph James. Orson has sent Mork to get him off Ork, where Shazbot meaning is not permitted. Attempting to fit in, Mork dresses in an Earth suit, but wears it backward. Landing in Boulder, Colorado, he encounters year-old Mindy Pam Dawberwho is upset after an argument with her boyfriend, and offers assistance. Because of his odd garb, she mistakes him for a priest and is taken in by his willingness to listen in fact, simply Shazbot meaning her behavior.

When Mindy notices his backward suit and unconventional behavior, she asks who he really is, and he innocently tells her the truth. She promises to keep his identity a secret and allows him to Shazbot meaning into her attic. Mindy's father Fred Conrad Janis objects to his daughter living with a man particularly one as bizarre as Morkbut Fred's mother-in-law Cora Elizabeth Kerr approves of Mork and the living arrangement. Mindy and Cora work at Fred's music store, where Cora gives violin lessons to Eugene Jeffrey Jacqueta year-old boy who becomes Mork's friend.

Storylines usually center on Mork's attempts to understand human behavior Shazbot meaning American culture as Mindy helps him to adjust to life on Earth. It usually ends up frustrating Mindy, as Mork can only do things according to Orkan customs.

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For example, lying to someone or not informing them it will rain is considered a practical joke called "splinking" on Ork. At the end of each Shazbot meaning, Mork reports back to Orson on what he has learned about Earth. These Shazbot meaning summaries allow Mork to humorously comment on social norms.

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Spock 's Vulcan salute from Star Trek combined with a handshake. This series was Robin Williams' first Shazbot meaning acting role and became famous for Williams' use of his manic improvisational comedic talent.

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Williams made up so many jokes during filming that were considered superior to the writing staff's contributions that eventually scripts had specific gaps where Williams "Shazbot meaning" allowed to freely perform.

Pam Dawber found him so funny that she had to bite her lip in many scenes to avoid breaking up Shazbot meaning laughter and ruining the takeoften a difficult task with Williams' talent. The series was extremely popular in its first season. The show gained higher ratings than the Happy Days series that Shazbot meaning spawned it, at 4. This was done in conjunction with what is known in the industry as counterprogramminga technique in which a successful show is moved opposite a ratings hit on another network.

The show then aired against two highly rated Shazbot meaning The second season saw an attempt to seek younger viewers and premiered a new disco arrangement of the gentle theme tune. The characters of Fred and Cora were dropped from the regular cast. It was explained that Fred went on tour as a conductor with an orchestra, taking Cora with him. Fred and Cora Shazbot meaning return appearances in later episodes. Recurring characters Susan and Eugene made no further appearances after season one and were never mentioned again.

New cast members were added. Also added as regulars were their grumpy neighbor Mr. Bickley who was seen occasionally in the first season and ironically worked as a verse writer for a greeting-card companyportrayed by Tom Postonand Nelson Flavor Jim StaahlMindy's snooty cousin who ran for city council. The show's main focus was no longer on Mork's slapstick attempts to adjust to the new world he was in, but on the relationship between Mork and Mindy on a romantic level.

Also, some of the focus was on Mork trying to find a steady-paying job. Shazbot meaning

Because of the abrupt changes to the show and time slot, ratings slipped dramatically Shazbot meaning 3 to The show was quickly moved back to its previous timeslot and efforts were made to return to the core of the series; however, ratings did not recover.

For the third season, Jeanie, Remo, and Nelson were retained as regulars with Jeanie and Remo having opened a restaurant. Nelson was no longer into politics and wore more casual clothes.

Mindy's father and grandmother returned to the series. The show acknowledged this attempt to restore its original premise, with the third season's hour-long opener titled "Putting The Ork Back in Mork". Several new supporting characters were added to the lineup. Joining were two children from Shazbot meaning day-care center where Mork worked named Lola and Stephanie. Wilzak lasted one season as a regular. When these ideas failed to improve ratings, many wilder ideas were tried to attempt to capitalize on Williams' comedic talents.

The season ended at number 49 in the Shazbot meaning.

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The show began to include special guest Shazbot meaning this year. In the fourth season, Mork and Mindy were married. Jonathan Wintersone of Williams' idols, was brought in as their child, Mearth.

Because of the different Orkan physiology, Mork laid an egg, which grew and hatched into the Shazbot meaning older Winters. It had been previously explained that Orkans aged "backwards", thus explaining Mearth's appearance and that of his teacher, Miss Geezba portrayed by thenyear-old actress Louanne Sirota.

The show ended at 60th place at season's end. Actor-director Jerry Paris was inspired to create the character of Mork after directing Shazbot meaning unusual and memorable episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show titled "It May Look Like a Walnut", in which Van Dyke 's Rob Petrie has a dream wherein he Shazbot meaning the Earth has been surreptitiously invaded by walnut -eating aliens who steal humans' thumbs and imaginations. Fonzie tells him that people make up stories about UFOs because their lives are "humdrum.

He freezes everyone Shazbot meaning his finger except Richie and says he was sent to Earth to find a "humdrum" human to take back to Ork.

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