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Sexycraft server ip


This guy GooGooBerry something got mad cause he was greifed, then the owner banned him cause he was mad. Then I said that was rude and made a joke that I was leaving the server.

This guy posted on his website Orangie dumbass of the week. They provide forums in which users can add suggestion and have questions answered about the server. Right away the owner of the "Sexycraft server ip" and Admins got defensive about the subject.

I and another member got involved in Sexycraft server ip discussion. We never disrespected anyone while speaking on the forums.

However, they demanded respect from us. We could not even defend ourselves because the owner Furq AKA furquanatique banned us from the server and website.

Keep in mind he even banned my sister who donated to the server just 9 days before this happened. On their page it says you can get a refund and all privileges will be revoked. So, my sister tried to get a refund. No word yet if this will happened. Myself and another user were also falsely banned saying we caused controversy and griefed on the server. I tried putting my reviews on places such as planetminecraft but they were deleted.

I am disappointed in planetminecraft for not allowing users to vote a server down. You can only give a positive vote or comment on your negative experience. I also have some proof of the immaturity of the staff of the server to back up my claims.

Go do shit to them. BEcause it was an OP server, and we had the same equips we battled it out.

Our servers range from Survival...

Thanks for ensuring i dont go back this server. And it was impossible, because it was protected. So add it, please! They nickname u IPay4Sex and when u build something the owner breaks it The owners might seem nice at first but Sexycraft server ip are evil to the core. I reccomend Never go to this server. Oh also I built a shop for them and then they deranked deopped and banned me.

SexyCraft. Owner, WaffleMinecraft. Status, offline....

The Ban msg said Thanks for Doing Work we dont have to. This is a message from the owner of this blog, if you feel like your server has been falsely accused, please take time to comment why it deserves to be taken off. The Pedo owner of Dreamrealms now owns mc. Saying servers are ran by pedophiles is really powerful, Please also add that these servers are "Sexycraft server ip" by pedophiles too!

Hey guys if you are feeling trolly come join this server. They even forum banned me before I had a chance to post a ban appeal just for saying "Sexycraft server ip" is nothing wrong with gays. Here is the ip: They should be added to the list.

Sexycraft - The Sexiest Server...

They will ban you for the tinniest things and will forum ban you for making an appeal and even sometimes before you an make an Sexycraft server ip. This is a reply to my ban appeal by a staff on the server thronecraft, this is what i had to say: Keep telling yourself that lie, we all know you just stole it with no intention to bring it back. One step ahead of you. I had every intention of bringing it back, because i already returned it.

Do not accuse me of lying, how unprofessional. And no, there is no plugin that exists, please refrain from lying yourself. If only you conducted an investigation rather than pondering us with your explanations you think may have happened, rather than things you know for sure happened if you had examined the situation properly rather than "Sexycraft server ip."

Some of the worst minecraft...

And i'll have you know that i am exceptionally good at pvp, and have been accused of hacking on many servers, many of which i was banned because people submitted fraudulent video evidence were they used a hack called "fake hacker" manipulating video to make it look like the user is hacking, but really all its doing is altering the videos frames to make it appear as though they are, but as i said, completely irrelevant.

I did not conceal nor disguise the information given to Zeke, i told him everything, and i kept to the story i gave him, misuse of the word "lie". Please also say that Sexycraft server ip five of the servers I said earlier are Sexycraft server ip ones ran by the pedophile. People want to grief the pedophile servers. Please make my servers that I have been spamming pedophile servers! Please make sure my servers are added as the peodphile servers since people love griefing the pedophiile servers.

List Goldcraft as a pedophile server too, thank you bad mc servers. Please say that Sexycraft server ip pedo runs gold craft too add all these to the pedo list because that is the most effective. The admins have my ip, dumb cunt, I posted first, and you tried spamming over me. Your shit will get removed, and your server will be added, you had your chance Nathan and you blew it. Nice try impersonating me, Nathan. Add all of these servers. I went onto the Nexus part to enjoy some PvP, and I was greeted with a couple of hackers.

They killed me so I respawned. A mod named CrafterPete came on, and "Sexycraft server ip" told him that there were these people that were hacking. Later on, I heard that the Mod was friends with the players Sexycraft server ip were hacking. Filled with hackers, abusive mods that kick players for no reason, and innocent people getting in trouble, this server deserves to be on this list. Decco Why is it such a bad server?: But, I need bad servers to bad stuff to sometimes… This is just perfect!

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