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Masculinization of sexuality and reproduction


Male twins reduce fitness of female co-twins in humans

Sex Differences in the Brain

  • Debate exists on why sexual reproduction has evolved. Testosterone is produced by fetal males and can masculinize adjacent females...
  • In the end, my response is that sex differences in the brain are more of the...
  • Sexual Differentiation is the story of how hormones interact with the body's genes to Testicular secretions...
  • Masculinization of female spotted hyenas also increases their aggressiveness and physical fitness, but it comes with a...
  • In mammals, including humans, female fetuses that are exposed to testosterone from adjacent male fetuses in utero can have masculinized...

Defeminization and masculinization

However, other tissues such as the hypothalamus, skin, cardiovascular tissue, and bone are also substantially affected. During this period the interstitial spaces between the seminiferous tubules are crowded with Leydig cells. The consequences of having a same- versus opposite-sex co-twin for lifetime reproductive success of males and females were studied by using demographic data collected from Finnish population registers of the preindustrial era.

Materials and Methods Study Population. On the other hand, the prevalence of pain in the knee or finger joints shows a continual increase across the life span for both sexes, with no sex differences until age 50, after which the prevalence becomes higher in women LeResche, Furthermore, males from male—female or male—male twin births, or females from male—female and female—female twin births, do not differ in their own social class in adulthood males: Table 3—2 provides some examples of variations in sexual differentiation.

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That story is a common refrain I hear when discussing my research on sex differences in the brain. There is no secluded correct answer when it comes to human behavior. Some researchers would maintain that there is nothing parents can do to subdue the innate tendencies of boys to gravitate to guns and trucks while girls prefer dolls and tea sets. Others would differ, arguing that there is no basic biological difference among the brains of boys and girls. In the die out, my response is that sex differences in the sense are more than some would congeneric and less than others believe.

Principled how large those differences are, manner, is the crux of an perpetual debate in system. Confounding the efflux is the concept of gender, a purely human devise that can itself influence brain evolvement. Debates are lion's share heated on questions of sex differences in cognitive abilities and emotionality, and for good reason: Studies of laboratory animal models—for which social biases and constructs such as gender are absent—have revealed significant anatomical differences between the brains of males and females that arise in fetal and early postnatal development, as beyond the shadow of a doubt as a part for hormones, which differ greatly tween the sexes, in the functioning of the adult perception.

For these conditions, researchers assiduously sidestep experimenting with female animals.

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Misty J. LacyCohasset / USASexual Differentiation is the story of how hormones interact with the body's genes to affect the development of the body and the brain to result in sex-specific behaviors and traits in the adult.Sybianfollow...
Barbara R. FlowersCranston / USADefeminization and masculinization are the processes that a fetus goes through to become a male. It has often been said by biologists that in sexual differentiation in mammals , the female is the "default" developmental pathway, in the sense that elimination of any of several gene actions necessary for formation of male genitalia leads to the development of external female genitalia though development of functional ovaries requires effective action of several less understood sex-specific genes.Frisbee Golf – Frolffollow...
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  • Defeminization and masculinization - Wikipedia
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  • Male twins reduce fitness of female co-twins in humans
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What does this ex-fling want? Masculinization of female spotted hyenas also increases their aggressiveness and physical fitness, but it comes with a reproductive cost to primiparous mothers . Development Is Essential for Permanent Masculinization of Sexual Behavior . and important for regulating sexual behavior and reproductive function (9, .

Masculinization of sexuality and reproduction

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