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I don t want to be catholic anymore


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You can get more information here. In it, she describes her frustrations with her new parish priest and her beliefs that are different from what Christ teaches as protected and promoted by the Catholic Church. She wrote a number of concerning things in her article, but I also see a woman who is hurting, who is lost and is seeking Jesus through the confusion.

In this blog post, I hope to address both topics. My year-old, however, took to the church exactly like I did as a child. She loves the ritual and order of it; she loves the storytelling of it.

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And she loves the values it represents. She also described what sounds like a vibrant parish that really embraces the teachings of Christ. I believe it takes strength to fall out these evils and advocate for change even though it is an uncomfortable topic. I also agree that it can be difficult to be a woman in the Church. Though I thoroughly recognize that the Catholic Church is the greatest upholder of human dignity for womenI will admit that it can be difficult in the day-to-day.

I don't feel like the...

There are some horrific things in Church history, but these are consequences of the Fall. God always intended for men and women to be treated equally, and the Church strives for that. And I find strength and hope from the strong, authentically Catholic women like those in FemCatholic.

Though I don t want to be catholic anymore disagree with her on many topics, I want to reaffirm that she, like everyone else, is welcome amongst all us other sinners. In fact, having doubts and concerns can be a healthy way to grow in faith. So to all the Mary Elizabeth Williamses out there who question how to be a Catholic when you feel at odds with Her teachings: Jesus wants you here, and we as Catholics want you to join us as we experience Heaven on Earth every Mass.

And to be fair, there is some room for differences. There might even be different ways Catholics worships as demonstrated by the beautiful liturgies from Eastern Catholics.

However, there are many non-negotiables when it comes to our Catholic faith. We must also trust the Church when it comes to moral and social teachings.