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Elucidating dictionary english to urdu


English to Urdu Dictionary elucidate.

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Having grabbed the attention he then used the interview to 'elucidate' the argument. In attempting to 'elucidate' the significance of this paradox, I want to proceed carefully.

So how does her biographical account 'elucidate' his artistic identity and development? People argue that fiction cannot 'elucidate' the holocaust and I think they might be right.

Since it is not of interest for me here to 'elucidate' the nature of promising, I shall sidestep this issue. It requires judges to use appropriate cases to 'elucidate' the instrument that they are applying, to interpret and explain it.

Live-action movies 'elucidate' concepts such as cloning, vaccination and forensics.

Lest there be Elucidating dictionary english to urdu accusation of harsh criticism, we should say their success in 'elucidating' some aspects of Islamic economics deserves commendation. The book begins with sharp social commentary, 'elucidation' of concepts, and critiques of research methods typically used in the field. And it seemed to me at the time to be the most brilliant 'elucidation' of how people become trapped in the ruts of their romantic history.

Her strength as an artist may be that she 'elucidates' her ideas so clearly and yet, when looking at her retrospective at the MCA, you feel that it's also her biggest liability.

In particular, these findings are 'elucidative' to understand mechanisms of thermal adaptation of thermophiles, and for developing "Elucidating dictionary english to urdu" enzymes for biotechnological applications.

It 'elucidates' his artistic goals and style, while placing the artist in the broader context of American art and culture. The script, moreover, while restoring some of the gloss to the Hughes story, leans more to spectacle than 'elucidation' where his affliction is concerned.

His lecturing technique has always been uniquely charismatic: One would prefer the 'elucidation' of some ground-rules. But Joyce is a naturally elucidating rather than a naturally metaphorizing writer, and in his 'elucidations' the balance between what is included and what is excluded is almost always upset.

Elucidation meaning in Urdu: توضيح...

It's not about language as self-adornment but as an 'elucidator'. Philosophy is not descriptive but 'elucidatory'. She emphasizes the importance of historical and physical context in the process of interpreting a work of art, 'elucidating' the subject matter and identifying the protagonists.

Also, the emphasis was much more on 'elucidating' the experience of something like vegetarianism than is often the case with quantitative research. It is however predictable that she is particularly good at 'elucidating' the influences on Joyce of all the female members of his family and those of his patrons and benefactors.

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