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Does everyone hook up after prom


Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of How to get laid at prom? Prom is comming up Does everyone hook up after prom I kinda got stuck with this one girl who doesnt really put out much at all. Do what I did take a "sure thing", you around St.

No stalking im from missouri to. The girl coming out of the relationship? I would say start dating her now maybe hang out with her a few times kiss her hold hands all that, and then by prom she will think you guys have waited and it will be "special" to her.

Be very nice and cordial, be proper, I like the hotel room idea or something Does everyone hook up after prom. ME and my prom date and some friends rented a party bus haha I nailed her in the bathroom of the party bus I live 20 min. Louis just seein if you were close. I made it clear.

Banged her 3 times that night.

It's my senior year and...

Just go to some of the parties afterwards, bang a couple spares or the ones that are pissed at Does everyone hook up after prom boyfriends. If the evening isn't completely magical for her, she'll get pissed at you.

If she feels fat in her dress, she'll get pissed at you. If her friend ends up getting more attention than her, she'll get pissed at you. All I can say is, to hope for a miracle. If she IS planning on giving it up on prom night, she's going to want it to be extra special. And if it isn't? Well, she'll get pissed at you. Originally Posted by Jean-Paul From personal experience, prom isn't what usually does it.

Its the after party. Sure prom sets a sort of mood, but the after party with all the alcohol flowing and such is what seals the deal. Deff start dating her now or atleast start putting wood in the fire. The girl's mind is already made up whether she will sleep with you or not.

Based on your description of her, she's not gonna put out so soon. My advice is don't even let her know you're thinking about the sex thing, if she really wants it then she'll drop hints and you'll play from there. Date her for a few weeks after prom, then it's a sure thing. As a good buddy of mine once said pointing at his pre-contest pictures, "See that cascade of mountains there?

My senior prom started with...

So I say Dbol. Tbol if you don't like any of that. Prom is a waste. Get her smashedbut watch you drinks if you want to perform.

That said, here are my...

Obsession is just what lazy people call dedication. Prom is just the culmination of 4 years of cock-teasing.

Instead of going to prom hoping to get sex, you should flip the tables and make her give you sex in her hopes that it will lead to you taking her to prom. Originally Posted by need4muscle. Switch it up a bit. I took a girl out on prom and she was expecting "Does everyone hook up after prom" to go to some hotel room or something but I never did. The next day she asked we didn't have sex and I said i didn't feel like it, best sex ever later that night!!

Success isn't a goal, it is a by-product. Once you look in the mirror and say I like what I see, you've lost the battle. Cox Scrubs Time to get big!!! Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge, others just gargle.

Originally Posted by Poppa Pump. Dont even stress over it I went to 2 proms, both times i didnt go to any parties and went to be alone with the girls i went with. Looking back almost 8 years ago i think the parties would have been more memorable than hooking up.


Freak her ass at prom, then tell her straight up. If she says no just laugh and say just kidding!

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