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Can you hook up while on your period


It's definitely a mutual decision, but I am fine with having foreplay and sex.

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My current partner seldom wants sex during her period now, but she used to want it. The first time it caught us by surprise which was no big deal, late night trip to the all-night grocery store.

It's no big deal to play with her in lots of ways and pull the string right before it's time to plunge in. If you're not living together and he's not totally in tune with you, it's polite to give him a warning. And if you know you have it, grabbing towels to avoid a bigger mess takes just a second.

I have been with two women who said they never did anything during their periods before they were with me. Once they saw I was fine with it, it was full speed ahead. Except for eating her, sorry. It's up to her to tell me if her nipples are tender or if she's feeling miserable. But some women say it helps with cramps. Not everything Like the other guy said, when I go down on her during her period I'm not going any lower than just above and barely on her clit.

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Now that I think about it, I've not fingered my girl during foreplay either during those days, altough I've used no condom when the girl was on the pill. It's not really a big deal for me, but for some girls it is, and from what they've told be, for some guys its a big deal too. I do everything but if I go down I'm not going any lower than just above and barely on your clit. The shower is the best place for sex that time of month. Be the first girl to share an opinion and earn 1 more Xper point!

Guys, feelings on hooking up while she's on her period? Can you hook up while on your period do you GUYS think about hooking up with your girlfriend while she's on her period?

Would you do everything you usually do? Do I have herpes? Are my boobs going to get bigger? I'm pregnant what should I do? Can fapping weaken the memory? Girls, Do girls think it's weird that guys don't wipe after peeing? What Guys Said 6. Everything; menstrual blood is nontoxic. What Girls Said 0.

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During one one of these "run-ins" I had my period, but really wanted into around my neighborhood and was casually hooking up with for months. So if you want to limit how much blood you have involved in your period. Here's how to stop your sex life from reaching a screeching halt every month.

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