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50th anniversary trip ideas

Try Your Luck in Monaco

A wedding photographer captured the moment when you and your love first exchanged vows. Think of it as a memento of your anniversary that you can watch again and again.

These outrageous getaways will make you fall in love all over again. And for lovebirds approaching that milestone Ruby anniversary? A romantic getaway can infuse your marriage with much-needed excitement and surprise.

Unlike a honeymoonwhere newlyweds are often just excited to relax especially after months or years of wedding planninga successful anniversary trip may require more strategic preparation. After deciding on a destination, consider an itinerary well suited to your specific marital milestone.

For example, a year anniversary calls for something more leisurely—like canoeing in Santa Barbara wine country—while younger couples might try skiing in Colorado, or booking a bucket-list safari in Botswana. From daring 50th anniversary trip ideas to intimate one-on-one moments, these trips prove an anniversary is the perfect excuse to discover a new part of the world—and a new side of your relationship.

At night, the famous Casino de Monte-Carlo gives couples a reason to get all dressed up: Forget the Alps and the Pyrenees.

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If the point of travel is to learn something new about the world, consider adding a useful skill to your repertoire. Nearby Casa Madrona, a 19th-century mansion-turned-hotel, makes a good landing spot. Suites here have real fireplaces and 50th anniversary trip ideas of Richardson Bay, and the hotel sits across the street from Sausalito Yacht Harbor.

Pulitzer Amsterdama 50th anniversary trip ideas of year-old waterfront warehouses and merchant homes that have been stylishly renovated into a seamless room hotel. When you and your spouse are ready to explore, the hotel keeps an antique boat on hand for guided city tours.

When it comes to planning an unforgettable vow-renewal ceremony, the sky is the limit. Whale watching is one of the experiences Cabo is best known for, and humpbacks start showing up along the Baja Peninsula between December and April. At the Grand Solmar Lands Endguests can even see whales straight from their windows.

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