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How ugly are you quiz for guys

Well obviously i know im...

Who said people see me? Yes, all the time! You have the possibility to design the text. Why can't you liberals admit that there are ugly people?

what is your favorite season?

I agree with Katie and sxmmetry. Everyone is beautiful, except for tk.

Okay, so I may not be the most beautiful girl in middle school, but I don't need a quiz to tell me what I am and am not. So I may not have a guy. So I may not have beautiful nails.

what kind of shirts do...

So I may not have good looking hair. Who gives a flip? I mean, I like someone and I'm almost positive he likes me back though he won't admit itbut we're all beautiful in our own ways. Listen ladies, why are u even on such a quiz like this? Ik that everyone has there own definition of pretty, so one way or another, in life ur not going to be called pretty all the time.

So have some confidence girl! U are sporty, sweet, funny, sassy, shy, flirty.

Some are ugly, some are...

I have low self esteem. It said that I was ugly. I'm just laughing at how bad this is. First of all, everyone is beautiful. Plus how you look on the outside does not matter, it's the inside that counts.

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