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Think im asexual reproduction


I've only told a few of my friends about being asexual, and whenever I have, I get one of two Think im asexual reproduction. They may not believe me or know what it means, but it's better than the former.

I usually just tell them that I'm not attracted to anyone, and they will either not comment or just say "That's weird". Has anyone else heard this type of response? What do you usually tell them? Surely you've noticed the hundreds of people around here who look, talk, and act exactly like me. Augh, almost everyone I've told says the first one. The people I've mentioned the word to have generally clued in pretty fast, with a tendancy to either assume it's Think im asexual reproduction complete lack of libido, or the opposite of bisexual, neither of which is entirely accurate I know, but at least it's a start.

It helps that most of my friends know enough about latin roots to translate it by themselves, and not just automatically link back to amoebas. One made the amoeba comment as a joke, but that's it.

An asexual may feel anxious...

On the other hand, the more conservative of my friends tend to react with more than a modicum of disbelief that such a thing is possible, and assume I'm being lied to by all you guys or that you're all in denial or something Ah well, nobody's perfect.

You've found us out.

We created this site just to trick you sons into believing that people like us exist. The people I've told about myselfexcluding my sister, have all been accepting.

Of course they are also the people who know all of my deepest Think im asexual reproduction secrets and inner thoughts and they're accepting of those as well. As I posted somewhere or other, my co-workers think the asexual guys I;m talking to are lying to me.

Of course, i was testing the waters to see if it would be safe to say I was asexual. And from what I've seen, I don't plan on coming out to any of them. Asexual isn't the opposite of bisexual:?? How is it NOT the opposite?

Welcome to Reddit,

Bisexuals are attracted to both genders and asexuals are attracted to neither. In the case of gender, both is all yes I know there are a few exceptions and the opposite of all is none Oh, and Triple A, Think im asexual reproduction does that air? I want to go to their site and watch it, but obviously can't: Well, in that some people identify as straight-asexual or gay-asexual, and some develope crushes on one or both genders, it doesn't seem fair to use the term that way.

Think im asexual reproduction is usually assumed to be for sexual purposes, but it could just as easily be taken to be for romantic purposes. And many asexuals still experience and enjoy and even desire some romance. So no, I don't think it's the opposite of bisexual.

Since we're talking about weird responses, I'll recount one that I got that still has me irritated. What does one say to "Why"? I was befuddled there, so I just chuckled and said, "What do you mean 'why'? I am who I am just like you are. I've told two others recently. One woman had no response; it seems like she just didn't really care one way or the other. The other woman responded by saying that many people are asexual and are quite happy and as long as I'm happy not having sexual relations or whatever that means to me, there's nothing at all wrong with it.

That actually made me wonder if she could relate. I think it would be worth it to suddenly wince, pull a small plastic doll out of you pocket, and say:. No one in my town pays enough attention in science to give the asexual reproducing answer. It would be cool to reproduce like that though. You're too pervy to be asexual. I usually have to explain what asexual is first though. And hey, I just like to joke around. Doesn't mean I'm sexual.

I usually get this more when I'm friends with Think im asexual reproduction guy. Thank God, I know them enough to know they're joking. Though, lately, I've been getting the response of, "that's not possible. Are you going to be Think im asexual reproduction nun? Maybe they will understand when you say "nonsexual", instead of "asexual" which seems a little strange. The difference between that and "nonsexual" is that one makes linguistic sense, and the other doesn't; it's valid in english, but not as elegant or grammatically correct.

If I'm talking to a low-brow, I might go with "non-sexual" as a compromise though. I have also come up with the term nonsexual. Years ago, when trying to describe myself to myself, I thought of the term asexual. But then I thought that that term could be confusing as asexual also refers to entities that reproduce by themselves. So nonsexual Think im asexual reproduction be a better term as it is easier to understand and less confusing at least to those who don't know about Latin roots but somehow know about basic science- surprise, surprise.

Ha, yeah, I got that once. I was all, "Yup, it's really simple! I'd demonstrate, but it gets a little messy Whenever I talk to someone about it, I get a confused look which, I suppose, isn't the worst reaction to get when you're talking about your sexual deviancy. I find it's sort of hard to explain sometimes because this is something that normal people just can not relate to, just as we can't relate to them. I thought it was humourous that one of my friends from church believes that asexuality makes me closer to God.

Have you all ever heard of anything like that happening? Yes, yes we have. And on some level it makes sense, not having to struggle with that particular temptation. As was mentioned in the other thread, Paul seems to suggest that marriage and romance are only for those who are "inflamed with passion", and that both ultimately distract from spiritual pursuits.

On the other hand, even if you accept all that, you're still human and have other stuff to struggle with and whatnot.

So meh, either way I guess. Personally, I think the people who say that are the ones who struggle with lust the most, and the thought of someone not having that at all is big for them. Or reproduce like Q on Star Trek: The chick is prenant.

"Think im asexual reproduction" out all that other juck you'd have to go through. Asexual Musings and Rantings Search In.

You mean you reproduce with yourself??? Help fund AVEN's servers! Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Posted February 24, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted February 25, I said "I consider myself somewhat asexual. Ah, yes, good point sonofzeal. I knew that, lol. I think it would be worth it to suddenly wince, pull a small plastic doll out of you pocket, and say: That's the third one today! I get a few different responses.

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