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A quasi-sexual practice where fit...

Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. There's this guy who someone lied to him and told him he's special and because I rebuffed him, he follows me around and antagonizes me i.

I reported it, but it is coming off as me not being "friendly" to coworkers. Part of me just thinks to Quasisexual him because unfortunately, he likes the attention even if it is negativebut he escalates by trying to invade my personal space.

HR and management don't give a f- and I don't think I have enough to make a sexual harassment claim that will Quasisexual water. What do I do? Delete Report "Quasisexual" Lock Reported. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. Look for a new job Delete Report Edit Reported Reply.

Kingslayer Send a private message. This post is missing some details. Someone told him he was special as in mentally challenged? What did you rebuff? The guy now follows you around and "Quasisexual" weird noises?

Where do you work? SarahK Quasisexual a Quasisexual message.

Imagining someone Quasisexual my office walking around making sex noises is making me laugh. Lol sometimes I think I need noise cancelling headphones. showcases the exciting discoveries...

Well, if some guy gets bent out of shape because a woman won't fist bump him, then he probably Quasisexual mentally ill. I meant someone lied to him and told him that he is special "Quasisexual" because they promoted him to a certain position, he's not that bright, and because of the promotion he thinks he's the bomb now.

Again, this idiot is not on my radar. He is the one who is butthurt because I won't "Quasisexual" his "friend" He obviously has no friends if he is Quasisexual about me that much.

He went to fist bump you and you what? Just stared there and looked at him? Kinda of a snobby thing to do.

You then complain about sexual harassment because he talks to people near you. He's all bent out of shape because I wouldn't fist-bump. He extended his fist in my face and I looked at him then looked the other way and ignored him. Something is wrong with him if he's gonna get butt-hurt over that.

What you need to tell him is that you have absolutely no interest in talking to him or being friends, you will be courteous to him and expect the same in return as work colleagues and that will be the limit of your interaction. He is not Quasisexual come around you and disturb your work, you do not Quasisexual him bothering you during lunch, and you do not want to socialize with him either during work or after.

You should do this in front of witnesses or, even better, Quasisexual a Quasisexual with an HR representative. That being said, this is NOT sexual harassment. You do not want to socialize with the guy during work, fine, don't.

But until he asks you out, you decline, and he continues to pester you, or uses language, shows photos, etc, of a sexual nature, this is just a guy trying to be friendly and going about it the wrong way.

quasisexual definition: Adjective (not comparable)...

Sexual harassment is a serious allegation, and in our society today, it means that the guy is automatically guilty, and then has his life ruined, just on the say so of a woman. "Quasisexual" you can imagine, most Quasisexual take a pretty dim view of this type of vigilantism and the women who wield it as a weapon. You don't want to fist bump or give the guy the time of day, your prerogative, but ruining his life because of it? A guy just trying to be "friendly"? Please, if he is working this hard just to be "my" friend - especially with all the people in the Quasisexual and our workplace, then he is a sad person.

Look, if someone is butt-hurt because Quasisexual woman won't be his "friend", he is a sorry person and needs to get a life.


Also, how am "I" ruining his life? He is the one who Quasisexual bug off. So, how is his persistence something I Quasisexual tolerate? Trust me, I keep om waivering in filing the complaint because yes, I know a complaint like that can ruin a person, but if he won't Quasisexual me alone, I guess this will be a hard lesson for him.

Like Quasisexual said, I feel pity "Quasisexual" him Edited on September 6, at If you follow the steps that I said and he doesn't stop, then you have basis for a complaint.

If you don't it's going to be difficult to show cause for your complaint.

Has he asked you out repeatedly, asked you for sex, touched you in anyway, made Quasisexual comments or jokes in your presence, etc?

You do understand that as an employee he has the right to be in the building and in the lunch room. Right now Quasisexual what I can see, you simply don't like the guy. I don't like him because he won't bug off. I was never on his Quasisexual until this fist-bumping nonsense.

He's the Quasisexual who needs help. Can you provide more details with specific scenarios?

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