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Would girl like me quiz


Well, figure out by taking this quiz. This quiz is for fun, it's not going to tell you how girls see you In a fun way, but don't take this as actual dating advice or anything!

Not to mention, I made this 3 years ago If you want a more serious quiz on this kind of thing, ya should let me know. I made this 4 years ago, Would girl like me quiz literally just for fun.

It won't give you actual results if that's what you're looking for, and the answers Would girl like me quiz kind of cringe. How do girls see you? You see the girl you like, she is just sitting across from you in the cafe, what do you do?

Go up to her ask if she wants to sit down with me, and ask her how she is. I can't help but stare at her, but when she looks at me I turn beat red and look away. Smile at her and signal for her to come sit at my table with all my bros! I can't even look at her since she probably would never like a guy like me Smile at her then sit with her and have an on going conversation with her as we both eat lunch and share our interests!

I'm a girl whose guy...

Make a funny face at her to make her giggle! Then go over to her and say a hilarious Would girl like me quiz, so she can't stop laughing! A shirt with a funny spoofed-logo, or something with my favorite all time cartoon character on it! A simple, but nice shirt with a trendy pair of jeans. Simple and not too flashy! With skinny jeans and skate boarding shoes! Basketball shorts or sweatpants, with a name brand sporty shirt. Or a jersey of my favorite team! Probably whatever i can find that is clean and comfy!

A mysterious shirt with a edgy symbol on it with a pair of black pants.

Take this quiz to actually...

A nice, flattering, button up shirt with jeans or a polo shirt! A girl with a great smile and has confidence but also has to look good! A good girl with great looks and nice style. A girl that is beautiful inside and out: A really hot girly girl!

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