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Hook up tracker


There are two types of GPS trackers: Portable devices are wireless and battery powered so they can easily be moved around, but hardwired Hook up tracker tracking devices are powered by the vehicle that they are tracking, and must be wired in.

Read on to learn how to install a hardwired GPS tracker.

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First things first, you must decide where the tracker will be installed. Many business clients prefer to have fleet tracking Hook up tracker installed where the device is hidden from view of their drivers. In cases like "Hook up tracker," the device can be placed under the dashboard of most vehicles and trucks some high end imports have a metal foil under the dash - in which case an under dash mount will not work.

The GPS signal will penetrate glass, plastic, foam, fiberglass, and wood, but will not penetrate metal so never put it under the hood of a car or truck. Keep the GPS tracker away from any electronics, such as radios, as much as possible.

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