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R5 dating quiz for girls


The guys in R5 are SO cute! Have you ever wondered which one you should date?

8 Cleaning Hacks That’ll Make...

Take the quiz to find out! What job would you want your future BF to have?

What's your fav outfit on a guy? Jeans, T-Shirt, and some cool shades. Which R5 song is your fav? I Can't Forget About You. What's important to you in a relationship?

Browse through and read or...

It's a drama-free relationship. He has to make you laugh. He has to be romantic. What's your ideal date? A chill beach day. Dinner and a movie. What's your fav romantic comedy?

The Fault In Our Stars. What's your fav candy? Which school supply are you? What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? I woke up like this Tweet about your bizarre dream.

Text your crush good morning. What's your fav color? Buzz Music Beauty Style Crush.

Athlete Lawyer Comedian Poet What's your fav outfit on a guy? A chill beach day Dinner and a movie An amusement park Candle-lit dinner What's your fav romantic comedy?

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