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What type of guy are you dating quiz


Black, right out of the pot. More stuff in it than coffee. Some stuff in it. He provides a service. Handshake they made up. He goes out of town. Yes, he just does it on his own. Yes, if I ask. Family member or friend. It's cold outside and you have to leave. In the past, he has went out to start your car so that it is warm when you get in.

You may not know just...

True, if I asked him. Few times a week. Hes there all the time. Few hours a day. At a gym to do a workout routine and cardio. At a designated place at home.

In the past, he has given you a piggy back ride so you don't have to walk through the muck. I have given him one. Yes, just friends and family. He hates it, but does it to see how my day is or to tell me he loves me.

Always stops and does what it takes to help. Stops to be courteous, but doesn't really help.

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