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Sex in nicosia


Chance of Hooking up: It has that grimy front-line charm I like. The old town is very agreeable, albeit a little sedated.

You will see some striking and sexy faces. In general, they are less liberal than Greeks, but less conservative than Turks. They are a little harder to bed than others in the Med, but are game on all the same. I would recommend Nicosia to "Sex in nicosia" the flag. Nicosia nightlife can be Sex in nicosia varied. The city has a great pub culture, but no real centralised nightlife strip per se.

Here are some place I liked or picked up in.

This bar is built into an actually cave! A little out of the way and not a place to pick up although some smoking bar girlsbut the perfect place to bring a date. Lowlight romantic candlelight and plush make out cushions.

Towns and Cities

Scored a Russian here. The main hangout for the young and beautiful.

Black guys seemed to do well here also. Where to get weed. They are nearly smoke. Do not even think of smoking in public.

Sex in Cyprus is one...

Had a great time here. I also met four women in five days. Check those stories out! Why not check out more cheeky City Guides? How does Cyprus look architecturally?

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