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Sex and sex facebook


BENGALURU, Karnataka—Facebook took down million fake accounts, million pieces Sex and sex facebook spam content, and 21 million pieces of nudity, pornography and sex in just the first three months of In the same time, Facebook only removed 2.

That's not to say that is much less hate speech than everything else on Facebook though. It's just that the social network is a lot better at detecting fake accounts and spam. Humans are slow though, and can't scale up the way an AI can. This is a major problem, in India and around the world. Facebook recognises the problem, and is working to remedy this, but it's going to be challenging. As we gear up for elections in India, the polarised nature of content on social media is a big concern.

In countries like Myanmar and Sri LankaFacebook has been used to incite violence and foment unrest, and there are fears of the same happening in India as well. Although the focus in India tends to be on its sister company WhatsAppwhich has been used to spread rumours and misinformation, and has been linked to child porn and lynchingsFacebook has nearly million users here. Spam, fake accounts, and porn are fairly easy to recognise, although Facebook still stumbles on all of these categories.

But hate speech can have a direct real world impact, and Facebook said AI has its limitations here. This is a concern. In March, a United Nations investigator said Facebook was used to incite violence and hatred against Sex and sex facebook in Myanmar. The problem, according to a reportis that the company continues to rely heavily on users reporting hate Sex and sex facebook in part because its systems struggle to interpret Burmese text.

The company wants to avoid similar problems in India, and Reddy said that it reviews 18 Indian languages, along with local reviewers who bring in local cultural context.