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Obagi acne system reviews


More reviews by dionnan Hello to everybody here. My name is Diana S. All the products were new and not opened when arrived. Bought them from skinstore. The package arrived on All good and nice till Monday when I woke up with a burning and itchy face.

I went to work and when I cam back put some cold yogurt from the fridge. Felt better, the burning disappeared. Next day started the nightmare. Went to the doctor as Tuesday my face was swallowed, burning Obagi acne system reviews itchy. Wednesday I woke up with a much more swallowed face, could not see with the right eye and scared went back to the doctor.

He gave me a cream with Prednicarbat and to take the antihistaminic pills.

Thursday I did Obagi acne system reviews see no improvement, still swallowed, red and itchy. Today is Friday, and to my luck it was my marriage day. Run in the morning covered and with a big hat to protect myself from the sun. With tears in my eyes I said that this is how it is and this is much more important then how I look. I could even smile when I said yes and I totally forgot how I looked. Such a kitty that I can not add pictures here. I tried to contact many times the ones on top, and they responded only one time and wrote me to send them the lot numbers and expiration dates.

I thought is a joke. Even if I send them every day an e-amil with my status and with the pictures, Obagi acne system reviews did not reply back at all. This really shows how concerned they are and how much they care. But this made me to pursue more and to really want to make a claim against them, so now I wonder if anybody from here was in my situation and has proof to show.

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I have medical, pictures and people as witnesses. Now I have thick packs of skin, red and itchy on my face and the forehead is a big one. At least around my nose was double and my eyes are not swallowed anymore.

I do not want that nobody is going thru what am I going right now. You can end up with a very bad allergic reaction from it! My overall rating is 0, 1 is too much! And I would say the same regarding their employees from Valeant. More reviews by Angelicadlr I loooove Clenziderm products for oily skin! I have a very severe adult acne and nothing works better more than the Obagi "Obagi acne system reviews" I usually get more than 50 zits!

Most are small whiteheads with a combination of large cystic acne all over my face especially the chin area.

Whenever I get stray to different products because of curiosity and end up giving me more zits, I always go back to this product and in a matter of 1 week you can see a big difference! It's a miracle product for me! I think the price is worth from the effectiveness of the product. Mind you guys, you will really go in a phase where your whole face will be red and dry especially the first week of use!

For sure every time you put the therapeutic lotion which is the benzoyl peroxide, it burns like hell! But it is the magic potion from all the clenziderm. It kills the bacteria in your pores and prevent it from further breakouts. Just put a non comedogenic moisturizer and you'll be fine.

Obagi acne system reviews tried everything, from different product, natural pills intended for acne calcium d glucarate, DIM And also birth control pills. But it just gave me severe allergic reaction and more breakouts! I learned my lesson, I will keep using this forever!!! I used to cry everyday looking myself in the mirror and let the acnes eat up my confidence. I know the feeling. You feel hopeless like you're gonna deal with it the rest of your life.

It will be the best investment! By the way, its my high Obagi acne system reviews dermatologist who introduced me to these products and it worked magically! More reviews by Sunbeams.

My esthetician introduced me to this line for acne. For the first months, Obagi acne system reviews had less acne when I was using this product, but it left my skin really dry.

I later developed an allergy to the Benzoyl Peroxide in the lotion. My face was covered in itchy rashes that lasted several days. If you want Obagi acne system reviews try this product out, I suggest using a good moisturizer because it will make your skin dry like sandpaper.

More reviews by janelian. This review is for the three step system. I used the wash, toner and cream. It burns, like someone is peeling the top layer of your skin, I thought that it was because it was working but all this did was dry out my skin, peel and cause extreme redness.

Wearing make up was impossible because my skin peeled all day and the make up would come off as I peeled it. I purchased two of the three step systems and did not see a positive change on my skin. I wouldn't buy this three step system again, I wouldn't mind paying the More reviews by yummytofu. This is a review for the obagi clenziderm cream cleanser. A lot of people claim that cleansers aren't the most important step in their skincare routine, that it's on their Obagi acne system reviews for such a minimal period of time that there's no way an expensive cleanser will have any long term effects but i truly beg to differ.

This product revolutionized the way I felt about cleansers. I'm no dermatology expert but i feel that when my skin is getting a good thorough clean, that still manages to maintain the vital moisture of my skin, I rarely break out. This cleanser has retexturized my skin, made it feel smoother, prevented clogged pores, brought pimples to a head swiftly and basically been my one stop shop for exfoliating, moisturizing and toning.

Obagi CLENZIderm System Review

Let me rephrase this: I do still moisturize areas where I feel I am prone to flakes but I don't moisturize every inch of my face because this cleanser keeps the 'normal' areas of my face well hydrated and smooth.

PS; I tried the original cleanser and that was terribleeeeeeeeee but the clenziderm cream cleanser is truly a lifesaver.

Cured my acne

More reviews by xkianax. It cleared up my teenage acne for the most part, though I naturally get a pimple here and there. I can't say the same for acne marks though. I'd recommend steady tretinoin use on that! Please give this a go if you Obagi acne system reviews acne troubles!

It's extremely professional, and good on most people. It's for whiteheads and blackheads and all that, so it doesn't apply to hormonal acne.

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More reviews by shlebly. This stuff is such a lifesaver, works better than anything else I've used before. I have pretty oily skin and I mostly get those really deep, big, under-the-skin pimples you can feel coming.

I first started using the entire set about a year ago and my skin started looking and feeling better within the first couple of days.

I started off only using the benzoyl peroxide once a day and then moved into using it morning and night. Long story short, the vast majority of those big pimples I used to "Obagi acne system reviews" stop coming up.

This stuff is also one of the few things that can completely stop a pimple in its tracks. I now only use the BP since the whole set is a little expensive, but the BP completely gets the job done. I still get pimples, but they're in much less quantity, so it's nothing concerning.

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I'm so grateful the BP has been working for over a year now. I stopped using the BP after I couldn't find it and went on vacation for a few weeks, and instead used some lower-quality BP that I'd ordered online. I started breaking out more and realized how important this stuff is at keeping my skin clear.

I recommended any obagi products to my cousin and Obagi acne system reviews she's hooked on Obagi products too! Finally I can focus on college and I'm no longer constantly upset and stressed about my skin.

More reviews by allianchor. Then I went to visit my sister, who is a nurse, and after taking one look at my skin, she ran off to the hospital and came back with this cleansing system. It cleared my skin in about two weeks, and "Obagi acne system reviews" three months of suffering that terrible breakout, I'm so thankful to have my beautiful skin back!

Talk about a HG product! CLENZIderm M.D™ Acne Therapeutic System for Normal to Dry Skin is clinically proven to control acne, while minimizing dryness.

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