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Dear All, It has become my sad duty to inform all of those who knew A onzO that he passed away at 9: A onzO like myself was never much of a fan of hospitals and passed away at home in the arms of his wife.

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The cause was due to complications of a long protracted illness COPD which he had fought for some time now and finally succumbed to, even during his illness I never once heard him complain about it and he always worried more about others than he did about himself.

Many will also remember A onzO as a man who was both fair and ethical and also went the extra mile to always try and treat everybody fairly. To many he was a man of empathy and a shoulder to cry on, for others he was a welcome Irc sex chat rooms for problems and solutions, in essence he was many things to many people and a positive influence on the lives of others.

He was also selfless in his dedication to the many duties he performed for the many people who use XXXChatters. A onzO was also someone who I was proud to be able to call a friend.

He was also very modest about his many achievements and Irc sex chat rooms inside joke was always that he was nearly as modest as me. A onzO taught martial arts to many students for over 50 years and held high black belts in several disciplines, including Ju Jitsu, Wing Chung Kung Fu, Tai Chi and others.

A onzO was also an avid fan of the first person shooter Call of Duty game which he frequently played on his Playstation in the evenings. A onzO also wrote many complete IRC scripts for our chatters which we will continue to host and offer in his honor at his TheScriptClinic website, please do download any or all of the full IRC scripts and give them a try.

Many of our chatters use these exclusively to chat on Irc sex chat rooms, and what better way to honor the man who created them by using one? He touched the hearts of many and everyone loved Irc sex chat rooms for his many qualities, we will always remember him! Thank you for bringing him so much joy and friendship through this special family. My relationship with him was a grand, all-consuming, lifelong love affair that will continue forever.

That love is, in itself, enough to keep me going, and I want you to know this, the only thing I'm sure of: MonaLisa August 23, Wife We honour your memory forever A onzO A Chat Legend and a friend to all has passed on His work with IRC and to all around you online for over 20 years was nothing short of amazing, his knowledge of scripts, evoling into The Script Clinic has helped us all till to this present day and will continue to do so!

A onzO had a strong shoulder and was always there if a person needed to vent Losing him so unexpectedly was hard for many of us A onzo a good friend for over 14 yearssomeone who always had the time for you, soo many times I would see in chat rooms" A onzo got a min? You will always be remembered brother. T mberWo faka OldHippie from the old days of chat. Some things many people probably never knew about A onzO: I never met anyone who loved, gave and forgave more intensely than AlonzO.