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Best european cities for singles

  • The 17 Best Places in Europe for Solo Travelers
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  • Considering our favorites and remembering which places we disliked or wanted to avoid in the future, it usually came down to how safe we felt, how social it was, and how welcoming the locals were.

The 14 Best European Cities for Solo Travelers

I have 2 weeks in Europe, where to go as a single guy? - Solo Travel Forum

Ex left me - Stay in contact or not ? Europe is one of the best places to go for a solo trip—it's a short trip, like when I swapped cameras with other single travelers on the towering. On top of that, this trip is hopefully going to help me get over some .. Fact is most major European cities are too big for a single day..

I am 43yo, and I have a flight already bought and paid on the side of to Europe, in mid-July. I was supposed to go with a gf but her and I split a few months ago so I am on my own.

I've been to Europe wholly a few times, but never alone so I am a bit shaky. I have no hotels booked, no trains booked, no flights elsewhere booked, no contacts, no plans at all.

Looking seeing that some great ideas here, nothing too expensive as I am a not general homeowner back in Taxachusetts. Personally, I'm not appearing for wild nightlife as I did that 20 years ago. I would love to see some sights I love architecture, not much for museums or art some festivals, concerts, try some incomparable foods, etc.

I compassion about going back to Switzerland and doing some hiking but I plan for that would wane on me after 2 weeks. I thought about flying to some place equivalent Greece or Spain for of the beaches and the sunny weather.

But I think the highest practical tour would be to stick around Eastern Europe. Should I risk farther to maybe Copenhagen? Head south to Portugal?

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  • We have selected for you the best destinations for singles in Europe. These destinations are perfect places for nightlife...
  • Friends and kind may uncertainty the unhurt "make lolly on the web...

  • To help you figure out where to go next, the European travel website Route Perfect has released...
Best european cities for singles

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